Gems of erudition from Comelec commissioner Rowena Guanzon (interview quotes)

     Inquirer columnist John Nery today described the response of Comelec commissioner Rowena Guanzon to Comelec Chair Andy Bautista’s memo as: “bizarre”, adding: “I do not know Guanzon; all I know is she used to write a column for the Inquirer xxx.” Ikaw naman. Read carefully, John,  or listen carefully, to her statements and you will see the hallmark of an intellectual giant – here they are:

 (DZBB radio interview quotes from Comelec commissioner Guanzon):

From Rappler (translation by Rappler)

Comm. Guanzon: “Ako ayoko matalo kasi ayoko na talo ako. Nanalo na ako dati sa Supreme Court. Ayokong matalo ako.” (I don’t want to lose because I’ve never wanted to lose. I already won in the past before the Supreme Court. I don’t want to lose.)

                        ö   ö   ö

Comm. Guanzon: “Ano ba ‘to? Hindi ba dapat ang Commission on Elections ay hindi biased? Hindi dapat tayo kumakampi kahit kanino. E bakit ang chair ko yata ay nakakalimot, at ipinapangalandakan pa niya sa mundo na mali ako, tanga ako na commissioner?” (What’s this? Isn’t it that the Commission on Elections shouldn’t be biased? We shouldn’t be siding with anyone. Why is it that my chair seems to forget this, and he is announcing to the whole world that I am wrong, that I am a stupid commissioner?)

                                   ö   ö   ö

Comm. Guanzon, referring to the Comelec chair: “Isang boto lang siya e. Lima kami, nanalo kami e. Talo siya e. Panig siya kay Grace Poe e,” Guanzon said. (He only had one vote. There were 5 of us, and we won. He lost. He is siding with Grace Poe.)

“Itong ginagawa niya, e ‘yung mga tao, nagsasabi na, ‘Aba, panig na panig siya kay Grace Poe o. Grace Poe na Grace Poe siya o.’ E masama po ‘yon para sa aming lahat,” she said. (With what he’s doing, people are saying, “Oh, he’s siding with Grace Poe. He’s really for Grace Poe.” That’s bad for all of us.)

                                  ö   ö   ö

Comm. Guanzon: “Pagod na pagod na kaming mga commissioners kakatrabaho. Bakit hindi na lang si Chairman Bautista ang magtrabaho? Anong ginawa niya? Nagbakasyon. Nagbakasyon siya sa New Zealand.” (We commissioners have been so tired working. Why not have Chairman Bautista do all the work? What did he do? He took a vacation. He took a vacation in New Zealand.)

Ako, I come out of my vacation to work on January 2. I don’t mind, kasi sanay po talaga ako sa trabaho. Ganyan po talaga ang work ethic ko,” the Comelec commissioner added. (As for me, I come out of my vacation to work on January 2. I don’t mind, because I’m really used to work. That’s really my work ethic.)

                          ö   ö   ö

Comm. Guanzon: “If I really work fast, that’s not my fault, because I really work hard, I really work fast. I’m very studious. I read, I write fast, I think fast, I work fast. You know, I’ve written maybe about 10 books and articles. I really write fast. I’ve published around 10 books and articles, including a paper in the United Nations. It’s normal for me to be fast in writing decisions.”

                          ö   ö   ö

   Comm. Guanzon: “It is Chair Bautista who is showing partisanship, not me. He voted in favor of Grace Poe; now he wants to shoot down our comment. And Grace Poe urged Bautista to probe the commissioners. Wow.” xxx “(I)n a live radio interview with dzBB’s Nimfa Ravelo, Guanzon said, “E ano bang gusto niyang mangyari, matalo kami sa Supreme Court (SC)?” (And what does he want to happen, for us to lose in the Supreme Court?)

                               ö   ö   ö   

how about that.



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