#Kidapawan #KidapawanShooting SWAT shooters wore “ski masks” under the hot sun & hid nameplates, get frame-by-frame here

#Kidapawan #KidapawanShooting SWAT shooters wore “ski masks” under the hot sun and hid nameplates, get the frame-by-frame photos here

     Shooters can be identified thru freeze-frames of the following videos here:

           For investigative agencies, news organizations, concerned parties:                Here are two unadulterated video clips of the fatal five minutes of shooting in Kidapawan City four days ago. For evidentiary purposes, the following must be done:

    first: authenticate by identifying the videographer (Kilab Multimedia cameraman and crew) and asking the videographer to confirm that he/she took these videos;

    second: establish the context thru more visual information before and after and thru testimonial and object evidence.

     Videos are in the category of documentary evidence; documentary evidence is superior to testimonial evidence (“he-said-she-said”).

     The Kidapawan shooting is not a he-said-she-said incident: there were actual shooters and fatalities and the identity of the perpetrators can be established by video evidence.  (In the Boston Marathon Bombing investigation, the FBI relied on video and photo evidence to narrow down the suspects. )

        From these video clips, freeze-frame the following:
      1)All persons who are armed;
     2)All persons who fired their guns;
    3)All persons who are reloading their guns;
    4)All persons who are pulling back the slide of their firearms (cocking their guns), etc.
        Jive the freeze-frames with the audio.
      The President, being a gun-enthusiast himself (albeit in a very controlled environment) would be able to analyze from these videos the following:

     1)who were firing their guns; 2) who were reloading their firearms; 3)who were aiming with their fingers inside the trigger guard; 4)who have disengaged the safety latch of their firearm; who were pulling back the slide of their firearms (cocking their guns), etc. etc., and jive these with the audio of shots being fired.
        Here they are:



Photo from a freeze-frame by Kilab, published in Bicol Today, used here non-commercially for academic purposes

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