Breaking: Site that posted voters’ data taken down by US DOJ & web host upon DOJ Ph request, Ph also asked for copy – from Comelec James Jimenez

First posted at 12:29pm April 22, 2016 Manila time: Breaking News: The site that posted and published about 70 million voters’ personal data was taken down by the United States Department of Justice and the web host, upon request of the Philippine Department of Justice, according to Comelec  spokesperson James Jimenez thru his twitter account. Jimenez also tweeted that the DOJ of the Philippines is requesting the US DOJ to be provided with the data base that was downloaded by the hackers. Embedded are the Comelec spokesperson’s tweets. 

James Jimenez ‏@jabjimenez 3h

3 hours ago
From DOJ office of cybercrime: website taken down. Contacted Web hosting company & USDOJ last night; Data preserved w/ Cloudflare &GoDaddy.
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More James Jimenez ‏@jabjimenez 3h

3hours ago
DOJ currently in the process of requesting for the preserved data on Cloudflare and GoDaddy, thru official channels, coordinating with NBI
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