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WordPress Discovery Challenge: Obstacles 

   The Comelec website  ( comelec.gov.ph ) is still down. And with it, the Precinct Finder is also down.

     More than 7 million voters in the presidential elections  eleven days from now are first-time voters. They’ve never set foot inside a voting precinct.

  They turned 18 years old in the period June, 2013 to October, 2015 and registered in that period for the first time.  Thankfully there is a precinct-finder, thanklessly it is down. The Comelec chair said that the Comelec website will not be opened because “it is still unsafe” (“Comelec website still down, unsafe –Chairman” GMA News online, Apr. 27).

    99.9 per cent of our students in the University are first-time voters. As part of our civic duty, i gave the optional assignment next week that they could use the first 15 minutes of classes to go online and locate their precinct thru the Precinct-Finder of the Comelec website.

   A student said it was down, and another student asked, what if it’s down for the entire week, how will we locate our voting precinct? (he’s 18). And i gave a feeble: “your voting precinct is most probably in the schoolhouse nearest where you live…locate the nearest schoolhouse… through…uhmm, by using…google maps…”      

       And that’s my “WordPress Discovery Challenge: Obstacles” post — Comelec officials were traumatized by the hacking, the Comelec chair said the Comelec website was still unsafe, therefore they have not opened it,  there is no Precinct-Finder, 7 million first-time voters will have to rely on…google maps… Waze… a compass… stargazers… wind vanes… crystal balls… tea leaves…

        (they’ll probably ask their mom… but we want our students to be independent 🙂  )

      Obstacles at: 


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