background on suspension of military offensives

Apologies for not posting early enough; had wanted to jot down notes on my experience (limited experience) with ceasefires and suspension of military offensives but was under a lot of pressure last week from … a ticking clock. (until there were tiny wounds on the soft skin on top of the left foot where the straps of the sandals meet the skin, i didn’t notice until i couldn’t drive anymore without two strips of bandaid — that was how it was.)        

       will be back in a little while.
will be writing that post  on ceasefires and SOMOs… (when I can blog, it means I’m in a good place).    That’s now.
for a background, here’s a re-post from two years ago on a situation of a suspension of military offensives.

     A ceasefire involves a re-positioning of forces, similar to when the parties agreed to four-day SOMOs in the past.

     This time, however, the ceasefire is hoped to be in place for the duration of the talks. You need mechanisms for that to safeguard its integrity.
(Will be back in a few).

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