Mommy likes Michael Bublé [songs picked for Mommy (Lydia Celino) but u can share]

Mommy likes Michael Bublé [songs picked, listened to, & listed for Mommy (Lydia Celino) but you can share]

       Mommy likes Michael Bublé.

     Here’s a compilation of twelve songs  —  vocals, vocal tempo, and vocal style all by Michael Bublé… except:

    The second song is a cover of a Michael Bublé cover (not him but imitating his vocal style; you could tell… how?) —

      …while compiling this playlist and listening to each original rendition (for Mommy), i seem to notice  a teeny-weeny faint lisp in the live performances of the cutie crooner (hahaha 🙂 cutie– ni-label talaga, sowee) — it’s hardly noticeable. Upon verification with some sites — there it was: A couple of  music critics have noticed it earlier. And he also said he had an injury that shattered his tooth during a live performance in Australia in 2014, which made it worse. But he went on with the live performance:  

  MTV Celebrity interviewer Maya: You proved your dedication recently. You were on your Australian Tour and you actually lost a tooth. The show must go on…

MB: I went to the Dentist yesterday here. Thank-you Dr. Tai [laughs]

Maya: That must of been tough. How do you do that? How do you continue?

MB: You know what, I almost didn’t. Do you guys know what happened? Did you hear about how it happened? People just hear that I hit it, but it is not how it happened.

I keep my time through my foot and I stomped on the mic stand. When I hit the mic stand it acted like a rake and came right back up so, ‘Boom’ it just smashed my tooth.

It disintegrated. I felt like I had been hit, if you have ever had a fight or have been punched in the jaw you get a shock kinda up to your temple so I just saw the lights and I was doing, ‘Moon Dance’ so it was a part where it blacks out [on stage] and I was terrified, to be honest with you. I was terrified. I knew right away that there was no tooth and I was more worried about blood cause there was these little eight, nine year old kids who were very close and I did not want to scar them for life. [Laughs] I could taste blood, but there was nothing on my mouth. So I sang the rest of the song like this [mic against mouth] and then after, ‘Moon Dance’ I thought, “Can I do this? Do I have a lisp? Does this look okay?” and I sang the rest of the show like that and I just kept going and thought, “Keep doing this, keep doing this.”

The only person in the whole place that knew was my Dad. He just saw the look in my eyes and I guess he knows me well enough to see that I was pretty terrified. It is a horrible feeling going up there. You know what I mean. There are a few things that are terrible when going on stage. One of them is having something like that happen, having to go the bathroom is the worst thing, the worst. But he [Dad] could see right in my eyes. I finished. He didn’t know what had happened, no one did. My Mom was sitting with him, they had come to Australia. At one point three or four songs later my Dad still did not know what was going on, no one did and they could see my drummer was playing and I turned back towards my drummer and went [flashes a toothy grin] and my drummer did this [playing a rift, drastically plays slower and jaw drops] and that is when my Mom knew, she looked at my Dad and said, ‘You are right, something is bad here.”

Maya: What did they do?

MB: Nothing, they pulled the cameras back and I went and did dental surgery literally ten minutes after I got off stage and then I went the next morning because it wasn’t enough and did the show that night so it was a good story anyway.                           ♥     ♥    ♥

      Apparently, it became more noticeable after the injury:  i’m guessing the music producers preserved the audio of that live performance and other live performances so you hear the teeny-weeny lisp.

     Either brilliant or heartless: brilliant I think: It actually works as a trademark or stamp on the audio so you know it’s really Michael Bublé on live performance, going on even after an injury.

       You hear a tiny bit of it  in a few  live performances but not in some. 

         i don’t know about you, but i like my characters talented, brave, and flawed  at the same time —  

        Disarming, right?

 (flawed but not criminal, hwag naman serial killer).

     Here’s a 2015 live performance (live concert), it’s gawn and it’s perfect. Embedded below the soundcloud pod is the youtube vid of a 2015 concert.

(click the soundcloud pod to stop if you want to listen to the vid; there are two soundcloud pods: here, at the foot of this post, and at the widgets section at the foot of the page).

     But if you must be a nitpicker (which will make you unhappy!)… there’s a teeny-weeny bit on the soft s’s even in 2015 — In a few words with soft s’s only, few lang hwag ka makulit ––

      it’s a stamp of authenticity: it tells you it’s live with no additional voice-overs on his performance.


                                           ♥  ♥  ♥

      Therefore, even without looking at the name or text, you could tell, just from the sound, that  that the second cut is not him — the vocals are smooth, polished and flawless but it’s not him:  see how rough edges make one perfect rather than imperfect? 

                                         ♥   ♥   ♥

     The third cut on the audio pod is a cover of a duet by Michael Bublé and Reese Witherspoon, covering… “Something Stupid”.

                                        ♥  ♥  ♥

       The fifth is his cover of the Donny Hathaway version of the song — very bluesy, with some complicated saxophone and trumpet work going on (if you don’t like it, i can delete it).

      But this is for Mommy, she’ll be nodding her head in tempo at the saxophone improvs —  J _ _, one of Mommy’s gifted grandchildren, plays the saxophone and cello on top of being an honor student, a hip-hop handstand dance concert artist, skateboarder handstander, etc. .

    (with a grandchild saxophone player in the house, Mommy now transitions from Patty Page to  bluesies  and soft jazz).

                                      ♥     ♥      ♥

    And we finish with two of his best, the tenth and twelfth songs.

     This is Mommy’s soundcloud pod, but you can share it.

       HAPPY LISTENING! (you can just leave it on while surfing the net, while reading other pages, or doing your chores 🙂 )

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