image Thank God once more: For Mommy’s other successful right eye cataract surgery: Many thanks: Kaiser Hospital, U.S. health plan; Myra, Teng, Jane, everyone

Thank God once more: For Mommy’s other successful right eye cataract surgery: Many thanks: Kaiser Hospital, U.S. health plan; Myra, Teng, Jane,  everyone for their  help and prayers 

       Mommy’s phacoemulsification procedure (eye cataract surgery), for her left eye last March 19 was so successful, and she is so healthy —  she has watched many movie premieres,  concerts, and her grandchildren’s public performances — that her specialist- doctor,  of 14 years of expertise and experience, recommended that: she is ready for her right eye to  undergo the same procedure at Kaiser Permanente Hospital.

(more than half of people over 65 years old have some form of natural protein build-up in their eyes called cataract. A patient in good health with this condition would be a good candidate for phacoemulsification, a 30-minute procedure, outpatient, with 3 hours downtime or bedtime at the hospital: a 1.4mm incision or the size of a pin-prick is made, a tiny ultrasound is administered to shatter the protein build-up, the protein bits are “suctioned” off by a tiny device – and the patient’s vision is dramatically improved).

   Thank God, the procedure went very well.

       With your permission and indulgence, may I publicly thank and acknowledge the very competent and caring medical team and staff of Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Los Angeles, California, and Myra, Teng, and Jane, and grandchildren,  who nurture Mommy with their able and kind hands everyday.

     Photo below shows the medical team of the Kaiser Permanente Hospital— many , many thanks.  


    (The embedded music  is dedicated to the Kaiser medical staff and to Myra, Teng, and Jane. It’s an OPM, original Filipino music composed by Cecille Azarcon, covered here by the Philippine Madrigal Singers — the headtones of the sopranos are ethereal and the soloist renders it like a voice sailing and floating in the clouds)

               Mommy says she also likes Harry Connick. Nagparinig – okay.

    Photo below shows Mommy minutes before surgery, she is relaxed, she is with Teng — Capt. Teng…


             Mommy is now at home chillaxin’,  listenin’ to her music (she even emailed me a few hours after her surgery,  in her tablet, at home —

si Mommy talaga (siguro nuong hindi nakatingin si Myra, nasa Facebook na siya haha).  Don’t use your eyes muna Mommy.

    She said:

      “I’m now back home after my eye surgery. With God’s grace and blessing, everything went well. .Thank you for your love and prayers. Thank you to all the doctors and staff of Kaiser hospital. .you are all awesome! !!

Sent from my LG G Pad 7.0 LTE, an AT&T 4G LTE tablet” …  

    [She sent a more personal note about the music and me (akin na lang yon 🙂 )  Mommy,  close your eyes muna and just chillax 🙂 ]

       From Myra: “Home from her right eye cataract surgery 1mommy-wmyra

wearing her funky eyeglasses. Mommy is doing well and at home. We’ll be back tomorrow to see her doctor for post-op follow up. She will be on antibiotic eye drops and prenisolone eye drops for a few days. Thank you for all the prayers.”

       Next month, Mommy will be sending us postcards from the East Coast (New York)  — oh, people don’t send postcards anymore — that would be: digital photos of her adventures.

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