image #NowPlaying #Supermoon #Playlist #OPM O Maliwanag na Buwan

The supermoon appears in the Philippines at 7pm. (that is: it will be visible at 7pm).  

Now playing: an OPM (Original Filipino music): the folksy  “O Maliwanag na Buwan” composed by songwriting icon Levi Celerio (“O Moon of Splendor”, translation with apologies), cover by Jose B. Peña on soundcloud. This is a good rendition. The beat and syllabication of the bridge and chorus are not easy : try singing it and you would find yourself falling  off- key off the bridge on the first few tries. The vocalist here is in perfect pitch, and the childlike voice matches the innocence of the lyrics.


(you could have another version on a slower, millennial arrangement )

(all moon gifs here are from used here non-commercially for academic purposes)

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