Sunday Beauty Queen, a docu, is Best Movie of the Year. #NowPlaying Bukas (Tomorrow) by Tampipi

Sunday Beauty Queen, a documentary,

is Best Movie of the Year.

(song on autoplay: “Bukas” (Tomorrow)

by Tampipi)

For the first time,

    a documentary won Best Picture of the Year:

“Sunday Beauty Queen” by Baby Ruth Villarama follows the day-to-day life of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Hong Kong —

which culminates in their Sundays

turning dreary

into  dreams  come  true.

    No special effects here,

no CGIs,

no gifs, no script even,

not even actors —

just good old-fashioned life being lived and being filmed, life away from family and loved ones, washing dishes, cleaning houses, and taking care of other people’s children.

   Here’s how the cast credits look like: 

   Rudelie Acosta  … as Herself

  Cherrie Bretana … as Herself

   Chuck Gutierrez    producer

   Mylyn Jacobo    …       as Herself

    Hazel Perdido   …  as Herself        

 Leo Selomenia  … as Himself

     Jack Soo   …  as Himself

     Maybe “cast” would be a misnomer for a documentary:

    “Cast” is defined by the dictionary as “the actors in a film, play, or show” (Cambridge English Dictionary). 

     In a documentary, no one is directing the people who are being filmed;  they’re not acting or acting out or taking as many cuts to get the perfect lighting —  they’re just living…

  with no one scripting them or writing up their characters, 1sundaybeautyqueen

or  costuming them or designing their hair,

   or dialog-coaching their accents…

  They  are   producing themselves, with their lives, their heart, their tears and laughter:  i  propose  we  call  them  all: Producers,  

when we type up and run the credits.

      But that’s just me, i’m not a film major.

      Here’s the official trailer, you can still catch it. The trailer is musically scored but the movie does not seem to have a theme song online (i didn’t find any) … so…  i externally embedded a soundcloud pod (atribida  eh — musically scoring other people’s reels and digitals, but it’s external po, hwag  ka magalit, the song can be snuffed out by clicking the soundcloud pod below the vid)

      All materials are credited in the post title and in the first paragraph, all used here non-commercially for academic purposes.

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