#atthemoment #GoodMorning One for every year

at the moment… shot a few minutes ago:         one unopened bottle for every year they were never used for not catching a cold or anything (i opened one yesterday)… apparently i bought one bottle every year without using any without noticing  …  until i had to use one today (yesterday) … 1lagundi

just snuck them in the ref until they piled up — how can i not notice i was piling them up for not being used  — go figure (they all expire in 2019) (hindi naman pile up, tatlo lang naman na hindi nagamit until yesterday) —

     also sneezing all over the place, maybe it’s my allergic rhinitis (?) which also occurs at around this time of the year see: 


   sniffles, hikbi, i’m not huhuhu-huing, i just have a cold


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