allergies & law

allergies and law

Lagundi  can ease symptoms of allergic rhinitis.  It’s herbal,  it’s better to try to keep away from chemicals if you can. (if you can lang naman, most doctors prescribe chemicals all the time).  The “long-term” solution to allergic rhinitis is to “allergy-proof” all the places you go to. This requires you to discover, by “detective work”, or a process of elimination,  what triggers your allergic rhinitis. It can range from one, to one thousand different microscopic particles living and non-living. Let’s assume you are able to do that: that is, narrow down the one thousand possible allergens to, say,  three categories of particles.  Then, you can proceed to “allergy-proof” all the possible places you wander in, for every hour, of every day of your life —  If you can manage to do that. Or you can try going thru life wearing a surgical mask – just accessorize it to complement your wardrobe.

    Or alleviate the symptoms and get your herbal, just get enough rest to strengthen your immunity so you can overcome the symptoms.

      i slathered curtain Christmas lights over the screen of the windows so they would hover like droplets, then removed them and clipped them again one strand at a time, then removed and hung them again (it’s like editing), nose two inches from the window screen, until the arrangement looks like falling beads. (arte mo! yan tuloy)

       Fortunately, only two or three of the many symptoms of allergic rhinitis have to be dealt with by some of us.  Can’t breathe, the sneezing alleviates it. i conjure the sneezing by standing up (conjure the sneezing? Is that even idiomatic).  This is not too bad – you just put your upper body in an upright position the entire time.   Easy, right? Unless you have to sleep at some point during the month.  People underestimate the effects of allergic rhinitis.

     Another symptom of allergic rhinitis is: surliness, grumpiness, irritability, impatience, peevishness, testiness.

     So, when the President a couple of days ago, in an impromptu part of his speech, said: Maski na… minsan ho napipikon ka na dun sa mga taong namumulitika pa… Mga kritiko natin, may industriya na ho sa Pilipinas. Na, sa totoo lang ho, kami sa…. Di ba, madali naman yung sumulat sa papel, mga banat nya… talagang kami ho ay tuksong-tukso – Kayo nga ang pumunta dito, subukan nyo magagawa nyo. Problema ho, ni ayaw tumakbo. Anyway. Okey lang. Sabi nga ho nung mas nakakatanda sa akin, bahala na si Lord sa inyo, busy ako.” (rough translation: even if… sometimes you get peeved over people who politicize… Our critics, they have a cottage industry in the Philippines. Yet, in real life, those of us… it’s too easy to just write on a piece of paper, all your tirades … We are really tempted (to say) – why don’t you get over here and try to do the hard work. The problem is, they don’t even want to run (for public office). Anyway. It’s okay. As the elders tell me, let the Lord deal with you, i’m busy.)  – –

     — i just tell myself, baka may allergic rhinitis ito ngayon (maybe the President had allergic rhinitis when he said that).

    But when the President  said, the other day, that the reason he insisted (thru Mar Roxas) that the Tacloban mayor execute a letter saying he could no longer execute the functions of his office was that “The NDRRMC law actually empowers me to remove him on advice of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council that he is no longer able to function,” ( – –

–         —  that’s a matter of law,  not just allergies.

       You might want to re-consider that legal opinion.


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