Serious ethical & legal breaches: 400,000 Filipino schoolchildren vaccinated w Dengvaxia b4 conclusion of clinical trials w/o informing them of risks

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Serious ethical & legal breaches: 400,000 Filipino schoolchildren vaccinated with Dengvaxia  before conclusion of clinical trials without informing them of risks

     400,000 Filipino schoolchildren, mostly in Grade 4, were vaccinated with Dengvaxia in 2016, and, if never exposed to dengue before the vaccination, are now rendered more vulnerable to more severe strains of dengue and other diseases. This disclosure was made by the drug manufacturer itself, Sanofi, after clinical trials this year.
For 3.5 billion pesos, the Philippine government purchased and administered Dengvaxia despite warnings from well-known medical experts that the clinical trials have not been concluded, thereby making the drug still experimental. (DOH today suspended the vaccination program but without any clear data on who among the 400,000 schoolchildren vaccinated are now in danger of acquiring more severe forms of diseases – and without any clear preemptive measure except “to monitor” — how do you monitor when you don’t know which of the 400,000 schoolchildren are in danger )
There are serious ethical and legal breaches here on the part of the then Department of Health officials when they administered the vaccine despite early research data of its risks (see early medical advice below).
If only Filipino families knew their rights, the 2016 Department of Health officials would now be inundated.
Here is a sample of the early, dire warnings from other medical experts issued against Dengvaxia last year:
From GMA News in April 2016: “Dr. Teodoro Herbosa, former DOH undersecretary, told GMA News Online (April 7, 2016) that using the dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia, without a recommendation from the World Health Organization’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (WHO SAGE) may endanger children instead of saving them.
“With this haste, we are putting our children at risk because their data shows a waning of the vaccine effects after two years and exposing the child to ADE or Antibody Dependent Enhancement of the disease,” Herbosa explained.
“Meaning, children who will get dengue in the future may have more serious disease,” he continued.
Waiting for a recommendation from WHO SAGE, Herbosa claimed, is “prudent and wise” and is aligned with the decision of other countries waiting for more information on Dengvaxia.
“Twenty countries were offered the vaccine. Only 4 decided to register it: Mexico, Philippines, Brazil, and El Salvador. Many countries refused it and will wait for more Phase three data results,” he said. 
Dengvaxia is a tetravalent vaccine taken in three shots at six-month intervals and its administration is recommended for individuals aged between 9 and 45.
Herbosa claimed that post-marketing studies or surveillance is usually carried out in physician-supervised batches for three to five years to “catch and report adverse reactions.”
“When we implemented this school-based immunization, we lose that supervision by a physician. Several drugs in the past have been withdrawn even after safety studies in Phase Three,” he explained.
Herbosa claimed that some like-minded professionals are “seriously considering” on laying down charges against DOH officials for the dengue vaccination program.
“We can still wait for the WHO SAGE guidelines and proceed from there,” he said.
Health Secretary Janette Garin and spokesperson Lyndon Lee-Suy were reached for comments but have yet to respond as of posting time. — BAP, GMA News last April 7, 2016”     

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Loads of thanks to the competent & friendly Clinique Retail Business Executive Cindy O’Brien

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Loads of thanks to the competent & friendly Clinique Retail Business Executive Cindy O’Brien  

    Based on a quick search, i found out that the smart, young professional from Clinique who assisted me for my sunscreening needs at the Clinique shop in Macy’s at Topanga Mall is the Clinique Retail Executive herself: Ms. Cindy O’Brien.
      When i walked in, in plain tank top and jeans, she was busy checking a list and briefing the sales associates. When i inquired — shyly asking, generally, anyone who would care to listen — about the SPF levels, she readily put all her paperwork down and gave 100% attention to my questions. She did not delegate it — she attended to me personally. Because she was young-looking, I mistook her for a sales associate and I’ve never met any “sales associate” who would do that, put down everything and face a walk-in and analyze what one could need based on one’s occupation — as it turned out, she was the head of the team herself, the Clinique business executive directly connected with the Clinique company.
       Ms. Cindy O’Brien of Clinique competently explained the 500 minutes of protection that an SPF 50 would give, the active ingredients of the product, and what i would need based on my activities. She courteously asked my usual activities in my line of work, (and we even briefly talked about the Philippines; she knew what was happening in other parts of the world and was even knowledgeable about the conflict going on in the southern part of the country and extended her sympathies and well wishes. i must have been jetlagged not to notice that clearly this was no ordinary personnel.) She then offered and gave samples of the Clinique bb cream and Clinique cc cream — but first, here’s what she did: she stopped the sales associate and informed her that the right beige tint should be given to me so she showed them how it was done: she brought out clean cotton swab tips, then, because there was no opened “tester” she actually opened the new sealed products — several of them — and tested the tint on the back of my forearm. And found the perfect match. Very expertly done.

     She booked me for the Clinique “National Event” : to make sure I won’t forget, she wrote in pentel pen the date and time on my Clinique brochure (that’s her handwriting here (see photo) on the copy of the brochure here.
     Loads of  thanks to the smart, competent, friendly, and very professional Clinique Retail Business Executive in Macy’s at Topanga Mall: Ms. Cindy O’Brien, the quintessential brand manager and business executive for Clinique.