Dec. 17 Fair, Foolish, in a Fix

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7 thoughts on “Dec. 17 Fair, Foolish, in a Fix

  1. Witness: Don Mariano bus was speeding

    The piece correctly identifies the witness by her proper name, and allows her to give her first hand account of the accident. The effects of the accident were obvious, but the particulars about the reasons as to why the bus fell of the Skyway in the first place have been under constant debate. The Skyway operators claim that their structures meet international standards, although they make no comment on having strict implementation on speed limits. The source was the sole third-party witness to the incident, and she points towards the driver’s illegal speeding as the probable cause of the accident. The article and the witness were fair enough to admit that it was the early hours of the morning, and that it had been raining at the time of the incident. The witness also admits that because of the ‘speedy’ nature of the accident, she had doubts about what had happened and had to stop to confirm that the bus had actually fallen off the Skyway. The piece is able to give a first hand account of the incident without unjustly criminalising the bus driver, as there has not been enough gathered evidence to point to his negligence as the cause of the accident.

  2. To: Prof. Marichu Lambino
    Re: Media Monitor for Dec 17, 2013 (4th media monitor for Comm110 TYZ)
    From : Charmaine Ycasas 201378428


    The link above shows the report of a GMA news reporter –Julius Secovia aired yesterday at the program ‘State of the Nation with Jessiaca Soho’. The news is about the power rate hike of Meralco. The report played and revolved around the different stand and/or updates from the political parties, legislators and the government itself. All of these methods are done to achieve the common goal of knowing and answering the questions such as how is the power hike being done, why is there a power hike? When shall it take place and other similar concerns.

    I could say that this report is fair, factual and objective. First, Fair- although it can be observed that the news started with a negative statement from a Gabriela party list representative, followed by Rep. Fernando Hicap and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, who were all asking in such a manner “ What is the Aquino administration doing ?” , the reporter didn’t fail to get the statement of Malacanang spokesperson, Sec. Edwin Lacierda. Second, factual- the credibility of this report is of no question. Just by simply looking at names of high ranking officials who gave their statement. Third, Objective- It can be observed that the report is somehow plotted in a very systematic manner. As mentioned above it started asking the party list , which could represent the citizen and their inquiries about the power hike. And then some legislators answered that the people must not stop to seek for answers, they can even file an online petition or write a letter to their congressman. One senator suggested to use the Malampaya Funds. (Notice that they didn’t really answer the question, since this is just their stand and they are not in authority to answer) And finally, the side of the palace stating that they will investigate if there were any internal arrangement between power plants that causes power hike (which is the answer to question).

  3. Comm 110
    Aquino, Rica Angela


    The article entitled, “Ringing Phones, No answer” had a poetic approach even at the beginning. Criticizing it as a news article, it did not give details on the tragedy that happened even in the latter part of the artcle. Although, it did mention details of the tragedy itself such as the slex subway event, it wasnt able to complete the details such as the victims’ name which I believe is important especially in the writer’s angle.

    Instead of focusing on the event itself it seemed as though the breaking of the news was given more attention.


    In this brief article on GMA Network’s news website, it is reported that the driver of the Don Mariano Transit bus, which plummeted to the ground from the SLEX Skyway in Paranaque city, has died.

    The manner in which the article is written appears consistently fair and objective, as demonstrated by the heavy reliance on sources. Article 1, Section 3 of the KBP Code of Ethics stresses the importance of fairness and objectivity, while Article 1, Section 4 of the same document states that the credibility of news rests on its sources. The article lies in keeping with these.

    However, the following statement seems to pose an issue:

    “A reliable hospital source confirmed Calatcat’s death to GMA News Online in a telephone interview.

    The source, who requested anonymity for lack of authority to speak on the matter, said the driver died from pulmonary embolism with underlying ventilator acquired pneumonia.”

    The writer claims that the source of information was reliable, yet he lacks authority to speak, hence the anonymity.

    Article 1, Section 4, on News Sources states that only news attributable to a source shall be aired, and when a source cannot be clearly identified by name, the reason should be made clear in the news report. This passage was satisfied, as a reason for making the source anonymous had been provided. However, the description “reliable source” appears to be negated by the words “lack of authority” which can lead the reader to question the genuine reliability of the said source. In my opinion, the writer should have attempted to get word from an authority figure that could be named so as not to raise any doubt.

    Alliah Czarielle R. Guerra

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