#universityofthePhilippines #UPDiliman Comm Ethics student Jeriah questions G rating of Beauty & the Beast by Ph MTRCB

University of the Philippines Diliman Communication and Media Ethics student Jeriah questions the “G” rating of the 2017 
“Beauty and the Beast” by the MTRCB

“Written by Jeriah
“10 hours ago

“https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.js[6TH MEDIA MONITOR]
        “Beauty and the Beast is a fantasy-musical live adaptation of the Disney classic which was released in cinemas nationwide. It follows the story of a prince who is trapped inside the body of a beast, who can only go back to his true form when he experiences true love. The film was rated G, or General Audiences, by the MTRCB. According to their standards, this is what constitutes a G rating:
      “ “A film classified as “G” shall, in the judgment of the Board, meet the following criteria:
      “ “Theme – The film should not contain violence, threat, abuse, horror, or other themes that may cause fear or disturbance to a young child’s mind.
       “ “Language – The film may contain dialogue or other word representations beyond polite language, but profane, offensive, and sexually-suggestive language or gestures shall not be allowed.
        “ “Nudity – The film may contain occasional, as well as natural non-sexual nudity.
       “ “Sex – The film cannot contain and depict sexual activity.
       “ “Violence – The depiction of any violence must be mild, brief, infrequent, and unlikely to cause undue anxiety or fear to young children.

(blog admin’s note: the first youtube video (audio only) below is Dan Stevens, the actor who plays “Beast” in the movie, singing “Evermore”—  voice and tone is, surprisingly, not bad, not bad at all 🙂 . The Soundcloud pod on autoplay (which you heard a few moments ago) is Josh Groban rendering the same song. The second youtube video at the foot of this post is Josh Groban, live, rendering the same song. Dan Stevens was never known as a professional singer but his rendition of the song is darker, has more emotional content (i think), and even has some slight “growls” on two or three notes.  Josh Groban is strong, sturdy, and riveting and reverberating on the high notes (i think). File photo shot by Jan Lester Lambino when he was ten years old. Jeriah’s commentary on the rating continues below the vid…) 

       “ “Horror – The depiction of horror and frightening scenes should be mild, brief, infrequent, and unlikely to cause undue anxiety or fear to young children.

      “ “Drugs – There shall be no depiction of, or reference to, prohibited drugs or their use.” “Personally, I believe that Beauty and the Beast did not deserve this rating because although it seems innocent and that it does not feature malicious themes, whether it be sex, drugs, violence, nudity, language, or horror, it probably deserved a PG rating. Arguments for it being a G-rated film include its treatment of romance not being of sexual nature and was “innocent”. There was no nudity in the film.                            

      “However, some might contest this because there were two uses and variations of the word “Damn”, and from my personal observation, it might be a violation of the Language part of the guidelines set by the MTRCB.            

          “Also, some might say that it may violate the Horror aspect as well, because of the presence of the Beast character, but the producers made sure that the film was not scary.

          “Some more contentions against the G rating include what some may say are violent scenes, such as villagers trying to kill the Beast and wolves attacking people. Also, a controversy that surrounds the film is its inclusion of homosexual characters, especially because it is marketed towards children. In my opinion, the presence of gay characters do not constitute a higher rating, but in a dominantly Catholic country, it is a surprise that the controversy has not been a big one in our country.

            “In conclusion, I would like to say that Beauty and the Beast probably deserved a PG rating over a G rating. In the US, their classification and review board for films, the Motion Picture Association of America, rated the movie PG for “frightening images, peril and action violence.” I agree with their decision and only because of those reasons, not because of the inclusion of gay characters.” (written by Jeriah)

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