#atm Shot 15mins ago after running under the sun. Sun Allergy; photo shows beige-tinted moisturizer SPF50

at the moment

android-shot 15 minutes ago

after running under the sun.

Health post: This is what

without-symptoms -yet

sun allergy (photosensitivity)

looks like — eh di hwag ka tumakbo! 

            Sun allergy symptoms include rashes that look like hives — they appear only when these two conditions concur (for me) : sleep-deprived for three consecutive days and  prolonged strong sun exposure …  

    (go figure why) … 

      Not sleep-deprived today, no symptoms

     Anyway… it’s still advisable to wear a hypoallergenic sunblock with or without any skin condition. Photo shows a beige-tinted moisturizer SPF50 ( not a luxury — you could get a good hypoallergenic sunblock for less than P100 pesos or less than $2). Always wear a sunblock when going out on a sunny day.

     Good morning!

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