clearing out

“at the moment” this morning, android-shot a few hours ago. we’re renovating. i’m the last to start  clearing out… and the first to finish clearing out — i cleared out in 30 seconds: here it is: 

i try not to get attached to objects and things. i could lose all these in a fire and be devastated for only two days.

    but maybe because there are no original Matisses or Manansalas here. and all vital documents have been digitized in google drive and cloud; that should  take an apocalyptic asteroid to destroy since it is networked by a  global infrastructure (but for tech giants going down under — that would clear out your digitized data, nothing is impermeable).

   When we first painted this room,  it was from two pails of water-based odorless paint; when the carpenter finished, it was fire-engine red and i said, that’s not red, that’s maroon; and he said it was red; we re-mixed a hue here  and a tint there, and i said, that’s it! and he said, that’s dark pink, that’s not red; and i said, that’s red.

   to me, that’s red. 

    the old and the new went,

     we built and changed — and rebuilt, and fought our best battles here and outside of here. 

     the two windows overlook treetops that burst with pink flowers in the summer; my room is fuchsia and beige and  my memories are fireproof.

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