Establish the Identity of the Gunman

Before publicly concluding in a series of press conferences, media briefings, minute-to-minute interviews that the motive was “robbery”, that terrorism is ruled out (“rolled out” as ABS-CBN News Channel transcribed his sound bytes in graphics, based on pronunciation),  PNP Chief Bato de la Rosa should perhaps use good old-fashioned police work to establish the identity of the Resorts World Manila gunman.

      The acts and the identity/ profile / background would conclusively establish the motive — whether it is “robbery” with terrorism rolled out (ruled out).

       PNP Chief Bato de la Rosa simply brushes away these questions by saying that the gunman burned himself to a crisp so his identity could no longer be established.

    Hindi po. (No, Sir).

     Iniwan po nya ang kanyang kotse. (He left his vehicle).

     Iniwan po nya ang kanyang fingerprints.(He left his fingerprints). Photos show he was ungloved and knew how to handle his M4 assault rifle with his index finger outside the trigger frame.

     Iniwan po nya ang kanyang mukha sa mga screen grab ng photos. (He left an image of his face with the screen grab of his photos).

      At iniwan din po nya ang mga poker cash chips worth P113 million pesos, supposedly his robbery motive, na sana ay hwag mawala sa evidence room ng police. (And most of all, he left the poker cash chips worth P113 million pesos which supposedly was his robbery motive, which chips hopefully would not disappear in the evidence room of the police).

    You don’t need his literal I.D. (identification card). Get the vehicle that he parked in the basement. From the plates, trace the owner. It’s been ten hours since the attack. This has not been done by the staff of PNP Chief Bato de la Rosa.

    He left his fingerprints and images of his face. Check with the nearby hotels. Check with immigration authorities. Check with airport authorities. Check with embassies.  There’s no indication PNP Chief Bato de la Rosa is on his way to give instructions to have these done.

    Salamat po. (Thank you for your services). (however, cheesy police music will be played here until you do your job). thanks.

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