binge eatin’ & beach bummin’

  (on mobile device, to hear the song picked for this post, pls scroll down to the soundcloud pod, click “Listen in browser”, then click the play button. Happy reading and listening!) 

      binge eating …

figuring out how to be photographed in beachwear after a full breakfast, a big lunch, 

and soda…


          like so… 

“Lazy Cobra Pose”

or “faux plank”.

    swimwear top courtesy of Myra, picked up from the nearby grocery  ten hours before  heading out (i’m low maintenance)… The other day’s swim top was picked up 24 hours before flying out to here from the nearby U.P. Town Center Metro Department Store (born low maintenance)  (thanks to the sales associates who helped me choose)…

Fun at the beach and at the Promenade c/o Myra and J: Thanks thanks thanks!More credits: all beach photos executive produced, directed, and i-Phone shot by part-time fashion photographer Myra: Thanks thanks!


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