#atm At the moment Waiting for pizza delivery, 12:32 pm on this side of the Pacific Ocean

At the moment, waiting for pizza delivery (thanks, thanks, Myra) it’s 12:32pm here on this side of the Pacific Ocean. Android-shot two seconds ago. He’s not allowed to eat pizza though. Well, not a whole pizza. Mommy sometimes sprinkles teeny-weeny bits of human food on his dog food so he would eat. He watches TV with the family, eats only when family members are eating, sleeps only when family members are sleeping. If you are talking about him with family members and you say the word “dog” or “Argo” even in long conversations, he looks at us and gets triggered and runs or jumps to us, so when we are talking about him, we have to spell d-o-g or a-r-g-o so he won’t know we’re talking about him. He makes friends faster with children-humans and female humans  than with male humans — which  takes a longer time. He rolls over  on his sofa many times and burrows his nose in quick movements in the nooks and crannies of his couch when he is happy or ecstatic — he is ecstatic when all the family members are here all talking at the same time. He can identify the sound of Myra’s vehicle and Teng’s vehicle  by running to the door and standing on two feet to peep at the glass window of the door but without barking (he barks if it’s a stranger approaching) , a full minute before Myra’s vehicle or Teng’s vehicle reaches the driveway. If you clock that with the area of the blocks here and the moderate speed of the vehicle, it’s probably a block away on the busy main road among a thousand vehicles of a hundred brands. i’m guessing it is by sound and not by scent or not by time of the day or day of the week — happy reunions with Teng and family are once a week so  dyu think Argo can tell the day of the week or the time of the day? i’ m guessing he does this by sound, but being able to remember and recognize a sound from millions of sounds one block away and identify it with a particular human without being trained or conditioned to do so is probably unique to his breed — or unique to Argo, i don’t know.  He does this pose (see photo) when we are waiting for something, or someone … now, how does he know we’re waiting for something or someone?

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