sample movie poster (concept, design, face, pose & art direction by Lester Lambino)

 (pls click “Listen in browser”, then the play button, on the soundcloud pod below, to stream the free music)

(this is not a movie)

it’s a sample movie poster, concept and design by Lester Lambino (face and pose by the same person)

      here is the original (the first image), i think it’s for a dark, drama-action indie movie (or …

maybe a film noir ?)

    so   i    prettified it (because i’m an ignoramus) :  

the second  below it: i pinkified it … by rendering it in pastel through Adobe Photoshop Express … so it will be sweet-pretty …   so it would be a movie poster  for a rom-com movie (romantic-comedy movie)  instead of a dark, action movie … …  pastellizing/ pinkifying without permission from the artist, with apologies …


in fairness to me, i did not airbrush it or anything — i just filtered it to turn it into a Disney fantasy teenage movie

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