an hour ago: University faculty Council of #UniversityofthePhilippines Diliman approves changes in 4 GE courses

android-shot an hour ago:

The University faculty Council of the University of the Philippines Diliman, the highest academic policy-making body composed of all profs, approved changes in the following general education (GE) courses, with amendments from the floor: GE course on Disaster Management and Strategies (interdisciplinary);  GE course on Ethics in various contexts (interdisciplinary); GE course on Science and Technology in Society (interdisciplinary); and the GE course Filipino 40 Wika, Kultura, at Lipunan (Language, Culture, and Society).

    This was the second session of more than three-hour discussions, preceded by months of workshops, consultations, and forums. Approved and adjourned.

    Congratulations everyone ♥ 🙂

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