The 10th media monitor (either regular or any bonus) or 8th bonus here

on mobile device, optionally, pls click “Listen in browser” to play this week’s “Heroes’ Day” theme

The 10th media monitor (either regular or any bonus) or 8th bonus here
The 10th media monitor can be posted here — which can be a regular media monitor or any bonus not yet submitted (from 1st to 8th bonus), provided only one post can be submitted every week. The 8th bonus is on advertorials, in the runup to the Christmas season.
The deadline for the 10th media monitor is extended to Wednesday 12:00 noon November 29, 2017.
All class members who have not presented their reports should be ready this week – which is the last chance to make the presentation.
Exams will push thru as scheduled next week.
Happy National Heroes Day!

22 thoughts on “The 10th media monitor (either regular or any bonus) or 8th bonus here

  1. [8th Bonus Media Monitor]
    Link to article:

    Provision: Distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur the lines between the two. Prominently label sponsored content.

    The article seems to exhibit good practice of distinguishing what news is and what advertorials are. Clearly, the brand which sponsored the article was Safeguard, as can be noticed from the brand logo featured in the video. For more elements which support that the article exhibits ethical practice, it can be seen that in the tags below, indicated are “BrandNews” and “advertorial.” This is a clear indicator of the news agency putting their hands up of any claims that the article is a headline news. And lastly, the article won’t be accessed at all (unless you’re really exploring the news site on purpose) if you don’t click on the “Brand News” link. This justifies that the news agency does not try to mislead the readers to any wrong idea of news through web interface exploitation.

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