Argo, photo shot by Myra Lambino last week

Argo —

     For documentation purposes, when he was once registered for reservations with the dog hotel, his family name or surname was required:

   Here’s how that phone conversation with the dog hotel reservation agent went as narrated by Myra:

Dog hotel agent: Argo … and what is his full name?

Myra: It’s Argo.

Dog hotel: What is his surname?

Myra (starts to think how to find the dachshunds who gave birth to Argo to get their surnames…) Well, he doesn’t have a surname …

Dog hotel: You can just give him the surname you’re using.

Myra: Oh, it’s Lambino.

Dog Hotel: Ok… we’ll  register him as Argo Lambino.

   So that’s his full name … he seems pleased.  

     Most recent photo of Argo (from last week) shows Argo being hugged by J in cold weather, i-Phone- shot by Myra Lambino



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