Gurl Day. Image, an original concept, creation, and pencil sketch by Z, entitled “Rosalina”

Gurl Day.

Image, an original concept, creation,

and pencil sketch by Z, entitled “Rosalina”

if on mobile device: Pls click “Listen in browser” on the soundcloud pod below to play…

“…i want to be

  where the people are
i want to see
want to see them dancin’
Walkin’ around on those
(Whad’ya call ’em?) oh – feet…”



When we first met after many years, Z,  a writer-storyteller, honor roll lister of the batch, and drama-musicale guild performer, who gently takes care of Snowflakes and all the people  around her, drew this in ordinary lead pencil and paper — — after executing a handstand on the hallway…

   Credits: Image above by Z. “Rosalina”, an original concept, creation, and sketch in ordinary lead pencil and paper by Z, used here non-commercially for academic purposes.

The character she created and drew is named “Rosalina”, pronounced “Row-zallina”.

      She drew it in under ten minutes. She has a sketchbook in her bag which she carries around anywhere; so, whenever she has to wait for sumthin’, instead of playing in the devices, she produces original creations with her bare hands and pencil and paper. When i introduced her to a “picture and photo software” in the laptop, she learned in 30 minutes what took me years to learn.  and when i couldn’t teach her anything more about the software, she looked it up and learned how to utilize so many more functions about it that she is now better at it than anyone… 

     (Photo shows the Z  girls baking Fondant au Chocolat which they learned from YouTube — i did the hauling-off-the-hot oven: Children not allowed to cook and bake without an adult around them.)

      Z can also read aloud with a French accent to suit the character of the story.

       When we saw each other again weeks after,  she and Zi taught me how to be friends with Wedge. Here’s the photo she took with the android: She even made me re-execute the pose so i can match the smile Wedge has for us…

   image above: Photo and Direction by Z on the android.

      Before the family field trip, while waiting for some packages, we sang “Little Mermaid” (which i chose) on the sing-along screen. Then, i asked her to choose any song she liked for us to sing, any song at all —  the song that she liked best of all.

    She chose “Les Mis”, One Day More.

     Of course.

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