The 13th Media Monitor here (either regular or bonus) with new, additional bonus topic: Tulfo vs. other media practitioners

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The 13th Media Monitor can be posted here, either regular or bonus, with deadline on Wednesday at 5pm, with a new, additional bonus topic as follows:

     Please examine and review the word war between Tulfo (any of the brothers Tulfo) on one hand and other media practitioners on the other, in the last week up to the present week and succeeding weeks;  and answer  the following: Are there any issues of media ethics involved? Specify the relevant media content/ activity, or the events in question surrounding the word war. Explain. (do not copy your classmates’ work: if a discussion has been posted, do not copy it)

    (and for this week: All reporters should finish their presentation this week; pls budget the time: 20 minutes each).


  1. 2018 13th Media Monitoring Post
    (Bonus Post: Tulfo vs media practitioners)

    KBP Code of Ethics: Art 4 PERSONAL ATTACKS

    Personal attacks, that is, attacks on the honesty, integrity or personal qualities of an identified person, institution or group, on matters that have no bearing on the public interest are prohibited.
    Personal attacks against fellow broadcasters are prohibited.

    The Tulfo brothers, as journalists/media practitioners, clearly violated the stated provisions from the KBP Code of Ethics. They have attacked not only one media practitioners but a lot like Mike Enriquez of GMA and even fellow PTV host Jules Guiang. There are also institutions/groups that were cussed and accused by Erwin Tulfo. These were Rappler and Phiippine Daily Inquirer.

  2. 2018 13th Media Monitor (BONUS: A review of any social media post of any netizen on the recently concluded student council elections)

    Facebook Post: Almira Abril, Incumbent STAND UP Chairperson, Former CMCSC Chairperson ’16-’17.

    In this post, Almira Abril expressed her experience in one of the UP USC Candidates’ Dorm Tour.

    By the Facebook standards given, I personally think that this post is a good practice of following the Facebook standards. Abril’s post discussed how she asked how did KAISA UP and UP ALYANSA responded when eight students of UP Diliman were detained in Camp Caringal (including Abril). Abril’s post if filled with facts and her opinions as being one of the detainees back then. She fairly criticized both parties political stance in relating to her experience. Her post did not target anyone specifically, nor bullied. Since KAISA UP and UP ALYANSA are political parties, and their candidates’ are considered public figures that is why this post cannot be tagged under “bullying” since it did not harrassed anyone specifically and the post is a public concern that challenges public discourse. Overall, in spirit of USC Elections where debate and discourse about issues are very necessary, I think this post is ethical and embodies a message of critical thinking.

  3. 13th Media Monitor 2018 BONUS

    A review of any social media post of any netizen on the recently concluded student council elections

    Twitter Post of Isko Speaks

    This is in line with the twitter standards about private information. This tweet is a reaction to a post from a member of College of Science Student Council wherein they said that if he really wants to call out the candidate, he should instead bring the issue to the council and shouldn’t exaggerate his tweet and namedropped because the intention is questionable.

  4. 2018 13th Media Monitoring Post
    (Bonus Post: Tulfo vs media practitioners)

    KBP Code of Ethics: Article 4. Section 3.

    “Personal attacks against fellow broadcasters are

    Tulfo brothers go after other media outfits, colleagues

    In a report by Rappler, they quoted Ben Tulfo’s post on the social media account of Bitag where Ben Tulfo said:

    “Ginawa mo ako at ang mga kapatid ko na ‘katatawanan.’ P’wes, may version din akong katatawanan laban sayo! Gusto ko pa rin maging ‘professional’ dahil pareho tayong high profile personalities sa media…but you fired the first shot! I’ve no choice but fire back!”

    as well as
    (s_words redacted by blog admin)

    “Mike, seryosong isyu, ‘wag mong gawing katatawanan! Dapat ang PTV-4 ang hiningan mo ng paliwanag dahil COA ang sumita sa PTV-4. Ang BMUI ay sa ilalim ng PTV-4! Pero ikaw Mike, si—–l niyo ang balita. Ba’t di mo nalang si—–l sarili mo?”

    In these Facebook posts by Ben Tulfo, on the official Facebook page of Bitag, Ben Tulfo is seen not only threatening Mike Enriquez with lines like “I’ve no choice but fire back!” he is also provoking and insulting Enriquez with the phrase “Pero ikaw Mike, si—–l niyo ang balita. Ba’t di mo nalang si—–l sarili mo?”

    This is blatant and horrible malpractice on Tulfo’s side who publicly expressed threatening lines and defamation against Mike Enriquez.

  5. 2018 13th Media Monitor
    (BONUS: A review of any social media post of any netizen on the recently concluded student council elections)

    The above Facebook status was posted during the campaign period for the student council elections. Although the post is obviously targeting a specific party, it does not mention any name nor divulge anyone’s identity. This can be considered a good practice since it does not mean to harm anyone by dropping names, it was meant to call out a party for a supposed negative action. Firing accusations against somebody may be considered bullying according to Facebook Community Standards.
    However, I personally think that should the owner of the Facebook post have had decided to call out and give the name of the party she was referring to, it would still not be a violation. According to Facebook Community Standards, it encourages discourse when it concerns public figures. In the case of the student council elections, candidates become public figures. So long as the content of the post is not false and baseless, the public (student body) deserves to know who they’re giving their votes to.

  6. 2018 13th Media Monitor (BONUS: Movie watched last 30 days)

    Patay na si Hesus by Victor Villanueva
    MTRCB rating: Rated 13

    The film was patterned after the movie “Little Miss Sunshine”. It has the same genre as the latter, satire. The movie presented a lot of mature themes that complicate the characters’ lives. Each of the character has their own problems that they need to deal with. Some of the adult themes were pre-marital sex and pregnancy, extra-marital affairs, homosexuality, among others. For nudity, there was a scene where the son was jerking off but the only thing you can see on the screen is his face and in the middle of the film, there was a scene where a full breast exposure was shown. There were also frequent swear words and sexually explicit words. Furthermore, there was a scene where the child was asking about the words that she heard from her adult companions. I think the MTRCB should have classified it as Rated 16 because although these themes and scenes were presented in a comic way, it was not enough to lighten the heaviness of the themes and scenes presented.

  7. 2018 13th Media Monitoring Post
    (Bonus Post: Tulfo vs media practitioners)

    KBP Code of Ethics
    “Personal attacks, that is, attacks on the honesty, integrity or personal qualities of an identified person, institution or group, on matters that have no bearing on the public interest are prohibited.
    Personal attacks against fellow broadcasters are prohibited.
    Tulfo brothers go after other media outfits, colleagues”
    “Erwin Tulfo Lashes Out at PTV4 Colleague Jules Guiang on Live TV”

    This article is a good practice of the provision, as there is a clear personal attack that was against Guiang by Erwin Tulfo. The issue with media ethics is that there was a public call-out of the individuals that was broadcast to a viewing audience. Both as professionals in the media industry and adults, both parties should not have to result in this type of argument when matters can be settled privately, away from the viewing public. Jules Guilang posted on FB a screenshot of the exchange of Tulfo to Enriquez, with a caption “They are VERY powerful in the industry, this post might even jeopardize my career, but fck it, I didn’t stay and grow in PTV so some entitled brothers can just mess up with the network that struggles to be at par with the mainstream media.”. These individuals hold a prestigious place in the media industry, and should know more than to result in a word war when there are more pressing matters to report about.

  8. 2018 13th Media Monitoring Post
    (BONUS: Tulfo vs media practitioners)

    SPJ: “Respond quickly to questions about accuracy, clarity, and fairness.”

    BEN TULFO TO MIKE ENRIQUEZ: “Now it’s my turn!” (

    The issue started when the Commission on Audit reported that Ben Tulfo’s program under PTV-4 received P60M advertising payments from the Department of Tourism headed by Tulfo’s sister, now-resigned Secretary Wanda Teo, prompting talks from different media practicioners, like Mike Enriquez.
    Ben Tulfo made these personal, writing in BITAG Live’s official Facebook page that he has no choice but to “fire back” to Mike Enriquez. Notice how he attacks Mike Enriquez personally, without clarifying the issue thrown at his radio program.

  9. 2018 12th Media Monitor (BONUS: LABOR DAY – REVIEW OF OUTDOOR MEDIA)

    The linked video is of a song performance by Sining Lila, Gabriela Women’s Party’s arts/performing arm. It was performed last May 1 during the Labor Day mobilization program at the Mendiola Peace Arch.

    I believe it showed the principle of ADVOCACY:
    Strive to serve the public interest by acting responsibly for the sectors they represent.
    Provide a voice in the marketplace of ideas, facts, and viewpoints to aid informed public debate.

    The song’s lyrics describe what a worker goes through day to day and the struggles that they face, such as low wages, unjust working conditions, and policies like endo. I believe in calling out these struggles, the song was faithful to the interests of the working class, which the mobilization seeks to fight for.

  10. 13th Media Monitor
    (BONUS: A review of any social media post of any netizen on the recently concluded student council elections)

    Facebook post by: Renzo Relente

    This post addresses the issue circulating the UP students who were detained for rallying in the Congress. Alyansa was asked during the UPFRONT student council elections on what they did to help these students who were detained, known as “Kabataan 8”. I believe that this post follows the Facebook Community Standards. It sought to clear up the confusion regarding the issue. It did not encourage real-world harm or anything negative. There was no form of harrassment, bullying or hate speech directed to a person or group.

  11. 13th Media Monitor 2018 BONUS

    A review of any social media post of any netizen on the recently concluded student council elections

    A Tweet of Isko Speaks

    Post of Andre Lorenz Feria

    FB Community Standards
    Our bullying policies do not apply to public figures because we want to allow discourse, which often includes critical discussion of people who are featured in the news or who have a large public audience.

    Twitter Standards
    Context matters when evaluating for abusive behavior and determining appropriate enforcement actions. Factors we may take into consideration include, but are not limited to whether: the behavior is targeted at an individual or group of people; the report has been filed by the target of the abuse or a bystander; the behavior is newsworthy and in the legitimate public interest.

    This issue regarding the validity of the proclamation of one of UP CMUs elections candidates is a real issue which involves the public as it encompasses and passes through numerous rights and laws. This issue where apparently, abstain votes clearly won, is a serious issue and should be decided and studied upon. It may be a threat to the democratic process and right of voting where the voices of the people should be the basis. However, it is good that these have posted in a manner which does not address bullying, instead, in a calm and respectful manner. Its main goal is to call for transparency and accountability with the election board. This being a serious call to public interest is posted in a good way.

  12. 2018 13th Media Monitor
    BONUS Title: MAYON and related stories

    TV Patrol: Mga residente, nagtakbuhan, lumikas dahil sa pagsabog ng Bulkang Mayon

    The TV Patrol report about the Mayon eruption and the evacuating residents is problematic, as visuals and the way the headline was framed incite panic among the audiences especially those living nearby. Moreover, in the news package, instead of disseminating warnings and other helpful information to not incite further panic, the reporter ran and followed the rushing residents to ask where they will go, and about their knowledge of past Mayon eruptions. Although the report ended with relevant information about the eruption, the news package remains to be problematic.

  13. 2018 13th Media Monitor
    BONUS: Your own movie review of any film you have seen in the last 30 days

    Film: The Greatest Showman (2017)
    MTRCB Rating: PG


    The Greatest Showman is a film inspired by the life of Phineas Taylor Barnum (played by Hugh Jackman) and how his “greatest show”, the circus, became a hit sensation. Growing up, P. T. Barnum had to depend on no one but himself as his father died while he was still a child. He started a family together with his best friend and love of his life, Charity, and struggled to make ends meet. Barnum fulfilled his dream of showcasing his own circus by featuring people with peculiarities and empowering their differences. He began to be blinded by the fame and fortune it brought him. His desire for praise from the upper class society brought him to neglect the circus he built until it fell into ruins. Eventually, he realizes the reason why he wanted to fulfill his dream in the first place and then rebuilds a more spectacular circus. The film showed the hardships he, his family, and the members of his circus experienced and how they overcame it. I enjoyed and experienced a roller coaster of emotions while watching the film. Although the pace of the narrative was rather fast, I think it was excellently written. Also, the actors played their characters well.

    I believe the PG rating MTRCB gave it was appropriate for the following reasons. The film covered themes such as racism, poverty, hunger for fame, loss, and deceit, and these might be a bit complex to be understood by children below 13 years of age. The film did not contain swear words, though there was menacing language (the townsmen calling the stars of the circus as “freaks”). Violence was depicted as well during the parts where the hateful townsmen were ridiculing the circus and when they started a fight with them, but it was minimal and was not gratuitous. Kissing scenes were brief, were not of sexual nature, and were justified by the context. Nudity, horror, and drugs were not depicted in the film. Lastly, the film promoted redeeming social values such as love, confidence, working hard for your dreams, and embracing differences.

  14. 2018 13th Media Monitor

    Bonus: DRUG WAR

    SPJ Code
    Be vigilant and courageous about holding those with power accountable.
    Recognize a special obligation as watchdogs over public affairs and government.

    In these reports, it exposed the anomalies of the drug suspects who are prominent in the society. However, on the 2nd link, it somehow sensationalizes the work ethics of the newly appointe BuCor head because it focused only on his work and recent tasks as new head in charge in BuCor.

  15. Bonus media monitor


    Mga pampasuwerte sa pagpasok ng Chinese New Year:

    Bad Practice – KBP Code of Ethics


    Sec. 1. Programs featuring superstitious and pseudo-scientific beliefs and practices, such as supernatural powers, foretelling of the future, astrology, phrenology, palm-reading, numerology, mind-reading, hypnotism, faith healing or similar subjects shall be careful not to induce belief in them. Care shall be taken to prevent the exploitation of people who may be easily swayed by such superstitious and pseudo-scientific beliefs and practices.”

    In this report in umagang kay ganda they show cased lucky charms and how to use them. Altho they somewhat advertised viewers to buy from this store which is a violation of the KBP Code of Ethics.

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