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J101 4thWkLiveTweets #LiveTweets #News (Bonus: Live tweets of UP Oblation Run this morning)

J101 4thWkLiveTweets #LiveTweets #News (Bonus: Live tweets of UP Oblation Run this morning, for 20 pts) Deadline to embed or post: Saturday Feb. 9, 2019 5pm

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9 replies on “J101 4thWkLiveTweets #LiveTweets #News (Bonus: Live tweets of UP Oblation Run this morning)”

And that concludes this year’s The Great Oblation Run. The next one will be held February 10, 2020.— Gicash17 (@gicash17) February 8, 2019

Advocacies such as right to self-determination, just and lasting peace, and no bullying are currently being featured.— Gicash17 (@gicash17) February 8, 2019

ONGOING: The 2019 Oblation Run by the Alpha Phi Omega at Palma Hall, U.P. Diliman.— Gicash17 (@gicash17) February 8, 2019

Via, today’s weather forecast is 25° C.— Gicash17 (@gicash17) February 8, 2019

Light Northbound traffic reported ahead in Katipunan Avenue as of 8:11 AM.— Gicash17 (@gicash17) February 8, 2019

UPCSA & CI-UPD brings you a Chinese New Year celebration!This February 8, TOMORROW, UP Chinese Student Association will be holding a "Grand Pakain" at 12 NN at Fernandez St. (between Palma Hall and Lagmay Hall). There is also an exhibit at the Main Library Lobby.— Gicash17 (@gicash17) February 7, 2019

There will be a seminar tomorrow on "Strong Patronage, Weak Parties: The Case for Electoral System Redesign in the Philippines" to be facilitated by Dr. Paul Hutchcroft at Room 114, Encarnacion Hall, School of Economics, UP Diliman, 4-5PM.— Gicash17 (@gicash17) February 7, 2019

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