Media 230 Graduate School #MediaProfessionals 2ndWk Deadline, one day-extension to Feb23
Media Professionals Second Week: Deadline: extended to Friday (the deadline for this post is Feb. 23 at 11:59pm) (Bonus points or double the points will be given to original content, i.e., never published before or based on your own professional experience: Pls indicate in the title or heading “Bonus” for ease of reviewing it)
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  1. Hi! Posting here the link to my 4th assignment. Have a great weekend everyone!

    Topic: Updates on News Media Issues
    Article: Negros media groups slam spread of list of ‘drug personalities’
    Writer: Carla P. Gomez,
    Date published: February 13, 2019
    Link to the original article:

  2. [Assignment #4]

    Topic: News Media

    3 Tuburan hospital nurses terminated; midwife under probe

    A survivor’s video of a buy-bust operation in Tuburan, Cebu City circulated in the internet last February 8. The one-minute video shows 23-year-old Jimby Casas tries to grapple life-and-death situation. Unfortunately, after an hour in Tuburan District Hospital, he was reported dead.

    The nurses, according to their statement, tried to stabilize Casas. But the one-minute video shows that Casas was neglected. The people around him blamed him in Cebuano. The nurses excused that they weren’t able to administer immediate help due to Casas misbehavior in the hospital. Casas was spitting to the nurses. But according to a doctor, he died due to asphyxia or depletion of oxygen. This is due to overflowing of blood into his air passageway or tracheal blockage.

    If the nurses did their duty. Casas should be under tracheal intubation and IV line first thing he was moved in the ER. PRC announced that they will revoke the nurses’ license if they are found guilty on medical ground, but the Provincial Capitol, instead of revoking their licenses, terminated them from their hospital duties based on Data Privacy Act.

    Data Privacy Act of 2012 is a law that respects the individual personal data and can enforce legal matter to the people who consider breaking one’s privacy. The nurses uploaded photos and videos of Casa online without his permission. It went viral. The nurses said that they uploaded the videos and photos because they wanted to know the identity of their patient. Their patient’s identity in the ER is not their priority task in medical triage.

    Casa’s situation questions medical practitioners’ execution of their duty in a situation where their political beliefs are in conflict. No matter how hard the situation, the nurses promised to save lives under the Nightingale pledge and as well as a special PRC oath.

    Other Sources:

  3. Assignment #4

    Topic: News Media Update

    Chinese Embassy Donates Equipment to PNA, PBS

    The Chinese Embassy in Manila donated sets of broadcasting equipment to state-run Philippine News Agency and Radyo Pilipinas of the Philippine Broadcasting Service as part of Beijing’s P15M worth of assistance to Philippine state media. The said donations aim to aid in the digitization of the two agencies.

    Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua and Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar led the turnover ceremony last February 12, 2019.

    According to Ambassador Zhao, the donations are made to strengthen China-Ph media cooperation and to express their gratitude to PCOO for their works in promoting the two nations bilateral friendship and cooperation.

    During the turnover ceremony, Ambassador Zhao mentioned that they will be providing another donation this year and will finance projects through grants and loans to aid PCOO in getting President Duterte’s message to the Filipinos. In addition to the donations made by China, they also provide scholarships, trainings, and assistance to some Flilipino media workers.

    China has already donated P140M worth of radio equipment to the government in 2018 as part of their initiatives to enhance media cooperation.

    While the financial assistance from the Chinese government is beneficial to improving the country’s state media, it is also important to note that China is one of the world’s most restrictive media environments with high control on news reporting. Hence, the need to be vigilant on their political motives for enhancing China-Ph media relations as this could be a tool to reinforce control over Philippine news reportage on China through tying the Philippine media to “debt of gratitude”.


  4. 4th Assignment

    Topic: Fake news/Fact-checking

    Facebook Post Showing UP Students Excessive Littering During Rally

    On February 3, 2019, a news media group calling itself Metro Manila News, posted a photo on their Facebook page about UP students mindlessly throwing away their disposable paper cups and plastic bottles on the side of the road. The captions used to describe the incident made it seem that they were supporters of Bam Aquino and the Liberal Party and that the “students” in question, were attending one of their rallies.

    The caption written on the post denounces the apparent unruly behavior of the “rallyists”. It goes on to question the UP’s handling of its own students and even criticizes how the parents of those “students” raised their children.

    A few days after the photo was posted, the page seemingly backtracks from its statements and changes the caption to instead describe the event as a “Fun Run” and that the group seen in the photo were students from different universities. Nevertheless, the page still questioned and criticized the lack of discipline being taught by both the teachers and the parents of those students.

    The post was even pinned on their page and has been viewed by Facebook users at least 22,228 times.

    However, an article published by Rappler on February 8, 2019 exposes the post as false. The article, written by one Glenda Marie Castro, provides evidence that proves Metro Manila News was intentionally spreading false information. The photo shown in the post was actually taken way back in 2012 by the late independent filmmaker Francis Xavier Pasion. He posted the photo on his facebook profile on April 22, 2012, detailing his experiences while participating in a Fun Run in Bonifacio Global City hosted by National Geographic. (Ironically, the event was named NatGeo Earth Day Run) The post garnered 28,000 reactions, 21,000 shares and a thousand comments. (Which probably explains how easy it was to verify the veracity of Metro Manila News’s claim.)

    According to the Rappler article, the Facebook page Metro Manila News was also known for another incident of spreading false information in September of last year, regarding the former Chief Justice Sereno and the late former president Cory Aquino apparently wearing a necklace Imelda Marcos owned that went missing from the collection Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG).

    What is interesting to note, however, is the fact that after some initial research, Metro Manila News’s Facebook page can no longer be found anywhere, making it harder for people to verify Rappler’s article. But this could just be the effect of Facebook’s efforts in clamping down on Facebook pages that intentionally produces and spreads false information or fake news. Facebook also blocks the sharing of fake news content (mostly coming from Pro-Duterte pages) marking it “unsafe” and “breaking the rules of community standards”.


  5. Good day. Here’s my fourth assignment. (Apologies in advance if my username doesn’t show up, I had the same problem po during the second assignment submission – @hannahchaka)

    Topic: Update on News Media Issues

    According to the World Press Freedom Index established by Reporters Without Borders, Libya ranks 162nd out of 180 countries. This is unsurprising given the continuous string of political turmoils the country has been experiencing. Having dictator after dictator in power ensures a news media system that is constantly under threat.

    After Kadhafi’s death in 2011, there have been at least 11 journalists killed, in addition to numerous other cases of journalists who were abducted, tortured, or forcibly disappeared because of their line of work.

    Much recently, new forms of harassment and intimidation adds up to the list of means with which oppressive administrations supress media freedom. Obstruction of journalists now includes state-sanctioned beaurocracy or red tape, such as delays in processing necessary papers, fabricated charges/false prosecutions, and actual physical obstruction from covering the news.

    Unfortunately, media regulation in Libya is practically nonexistent and a high percentage of the population are hardly considered media literate individuals. However, this does not hinder heroic journalists from speaking out the truth, reporting the news and risking their lives everyday, for as long as the general public becomes informed and critical thinkers.

    In different released statements, both Reporters Without Borders and the International Federation of Journalists heavily condemn these attacks to press freedom. They call onto the goverment to “duly investigate all the aggressions on journalists and hold those responsible accountable” in addition to allowing foreign media to cover newsworthy events.


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