J101 Search Exercise: Crime News Reports with a human interest angle. Deadline April 7, 2019, Monday at 11:59 pm
      As discussed in class.

13 thoughts on “J101 Search Exercise: Crime News Reports with a human interest angle. Deadline Apr7

  1. ‘He intentionally killed my child for no reason,’ says mother of 7-year-old killed in drive-by shooting — January 2019


    In an article dated January 2, 2019, CNN reports on a drive-by shooting that killed a 7-year-old girl named Jazmine Barnes in Houston, Texas. The article takes on a human interest angle by taking on the story through the side of the victim’s mother, LaPorsha Washington, upon reporting the news. CNN recounts the details and progress of the crime through Washington’s retelling as she was hospitalized, recovering from a gunshot wound, and includes her sentiments about never seeing her daughter again, and then moves onto police reports and progress on solving the crime. The news story ends with Washington narrating that Barnes’ 6-year-old sibling came into her (Washington) hospital room, looking for her sister (Barnes).

    By including the exact age of the child victim, majorly taking on the crime from mother’s perspective, and elaborating on the trauma caused on the 6-year-old sibling, the article effectively takes on a human interest angle as it draws feelings from the audience or reader of the article, may it be of sympathy, anger, or both.

  2. Drug war’s other victims: Orphans – December 2016


    Based on the article, what the statistics behind Duterte’s brutal and bloody blood war fail to further emphasize is the number of children whose parents were mercilessly killed. Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) official Hope Hervilla gave a ‘conservative estimate’ of 18,000 children orphaned by the drug war.

    By including the life and stories of orphaned children, the severity behind the catastrophic effects of the drug war is given faces, adding a human element or interest to the story.

    A child of a killed drug suspect, John Ryan, said that, “Igaganti ko si Papa. Pinatay nila, kinuha nila; natutulog lang.” The boy was also seen to be playing with a toy gun before it was taken away from him. This shows the impact on his emotional wellbeing, taking into consideration that he’s still a child and yet he already harbors negative emotions.

    The article also detailed on how the family handles their current situation, with John Ryan and his 9 siblings’ aunt serving as their parental figure.

    Another child, Sam, was featured in the article, whose mother was arrested for alleged drug peddling and died of sickness while in jail.

    This article may urge its readers to take action, or at least be concerned for the thousands of orphaned children with no parents to feed or take care of them, by means of utilizing a human interest angle.

  3. https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2017/09/04/1735729/what-we-know-so-far-killing-carl-arnaiz-19

    The news follows a human-interest angle because it unfolds the crime story in a way to show that the victim, Carl Arnaiz, is an ordinary student, who left his home just to buy snacks but was found dead at a morgue after 10 days

    It also reveals the way he was mercilessly murdered, quoting Dr. Erwin Erfe, chief of PAO forensic laboratory services, stating that Carl’s wounds and scars were caused by someone dragging and punching him while he was handcuffed. This statement conjures an emotional sentiment from the readers as well.

    Furthermore, an interview from Carl’s parents were also included in the article to humanize the news more by injecting a short background about Carl, who was just an ordinary college student from UP Diliman that stopped going to school due to clinical depression, who was just a son of two parents, and who was just human.

  4. ‘I saw people drop dead in front of me’: Witnesses describe carnage of New Zealand mosque attacks – March 2019


    The article tells the story of the recent Christchurch mass shooting in New Zealand through the eyes of several witnesses who managed to escape the gunman. It humanizes the experiences of the Muslims by putting the readers in the position of someone who witnessed it first hand. The article made sure that the victims were not just numbers, but real people who had real lives and real stories, only to have had it taken away.

  5. https://edition.cnn.com/2016/06/12/us/orlando-nightclub-shooting/index.html

    The deadliest attack in US history, where 49 people were killed and at least 60 people were injured, happened inside a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida on June 2016. This news narrated how the mass shooting occurred, specifically through the lens of the survivors which made this case pick a humanizing tone. Moreover, the story also analyzed how this crime was tagged as anti-hate crime.

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