ETHICS The 6th Media Monitor (regular or bonus) Deadline April 7, 2019 Monday at 11:59pm
The 6th media monitor can be posted here, with the same instructions (see previous posts), with deadline on April 7, 2019 Monday at 11:59pm (as stated, if the post is being submitted under the Bonus category, pls indicate in the title “Bonus”, then indicate the Bonus Title as stated in the list provided. Tnx.)

15 thoughts on “ETHICS The 6th Media Monitor (regular or bonus) Deadline April 7, 2019

  1. Media Monitor 6
    BONUS: Hate Speech

    PNP: Leftist groups using Negros Oriental incident to fuel hate against gov’t

    “The Philippine National Police (PNP) has warned the public to be wary of the “propaganda” being waged by leftist groups to spread hate on the government.”

    By warning the public of the “hate” these “leftist” groups are fueling, the PNP is very well strengthening the bias and hate towards people who are red-tagged. Because of these kinds of responses to criticisms coming from the government, the notion that whoever calls out government institutions and officials for the issues they are linked to are “rebels” and “enemies of the state”. The UP community, as we know, is always subjected to this constant red-tagging and students actually face real threats from people who subscribe to the said image and perception propagated by the people in power.

  2. Media Monitor 6
    BONUS: News Coverage of the Elections
    Title of News: Sara insists honesty required of public officials but not of senatorial bets
    Link to news article:

    According to one of the provisions of the 2014 SPJ Code of Ethics, journalists have the responsibility to seek truth and report it, in particular in cases where allegations or criticisms were thrown upon another individual, the news agency must seek to hear the side of the other individual and give him/her the chance to respond to whatever what was said that involves the said individual.

    In my perspective, Rappler clearly published an ethical article through this example as they made sure to cover all sides of the story, to dislose all possible biases, and provided enough context (relationship of Mayor Sara to Former Ombudsman) to further give clarity to its audience. Both statements from the disagreeing parties were also given the same level of focus and attention. Rappler, in this article, also made sure to supplement all statements with enough context in order to avoid misinterpretations, with this in my perspective, this article was published abiding the rules of ethical journalism.

  3. Media Monitor 4: Policeman’s widow shot dead in Manila restaurant – News coverage of Inquirer in their website – April 04 2019


    The news article presents the facts in a straightforward manner, It starts from the main idea of the report to the details surrounding the report (What, When, Who, How, What happened after) . The source of the information was properly attributed by saying that it was the Police who identified the body of the deceased. It is implied that the rest of the information presented was from the police as well.

    The context of why this news story was relevant was stated at the end of the report (“Maricel’s husband, Dennis was killed in 2017 by unidentified gunmen in a gym in Manila”).


    The news was presented factually and with respects. No promises were made, nor were any emotional language was used. No gruesome details was described either and the information presented about the deceased was shot and concise.

  4. Media Monitor 6

    Title: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: Sanggol sa Iloilo, totoo nga bang inaswang?!

    The video link stated above is taken from an episode of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS), a variety public affair program of GMA aired last Sunday, 31 March 2019. The clip showcases the story of a missing infant that was allegedly stolen by aswangs (a Filipino mythological creature). The video wonderfully captures the sentiments of the infant’s family also including multiple contrasting perspectives of the story both from believers and non-believers. Furthermore, KMJS also included statements from public officials, doctors, and other reliable sources. The family members, as they gave their statements, were blurred out therefore, assuring their anonymity. This portion of KMJS also showcased story evidences through actual videos taken by the family during significant points of the event that leaves an area for the audiences’ own interpretation. Though some parts of the snippet included audio that was quite mysterious and leaning to the side of “kababalaghan.”

    According to the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas’ (KBP) Code of Ethics, the KMJS portion was ethical. It stated an occult story containing pseudo-scientific beliefs but was balanced by reliable sources from the scientific. The illustration was slightly biased towards the superstitious but was balanced in showcasing both sides of the possible reality. Though KMJS is not a news program, it still becomes a source of public opinion and may still affect the audiences’ perspective of reality. We have been continuously taught of the importance of the media in forming a perception of truth. Any media platform or media channel possesses the capability to affect one’s reality or at least a version ofit. All programs, especially variety public affair programs, must be careful when illustrating stories that may not be factual nor are part of the general accepted truth; as it is still vital in forming beliefs.

  5. Media Monitor 6
    BONUS: Election – News
    Title: LOOK: Isabela City police hold drill on countering election violence

    In this article, we are shown photos of armed men apparently doing drills against election violence. We are shown a pickup truck with men bent over on the car. Armed soldiers are pointing guns at them, and it was made sure that no faces were shown so as not to misconstrue the association of such images with volunteers involved in the drill which can lead to a confusion turning innocent people tagged as criminals.

    No ethics were were breached in this article.

  6. Media Monitor 6

    BONUS: News Coverage of Elections

    News Title: Comelec to hold Special Polls in Southern Leyte (Link:

    Last April 2, Philstar released news that Comelec will suspend May 13 elections in the Southern Leyte province because the province is set to be divided into two districts. The news then quotes the Comelec saying that the current system is inconsistent with the new law (RA 11198).
    The news did not explain further what led to the approval of the law and why the province needed to be divided into two districts. The reporting of this news violates the SPJ Code of Ethics which states that news must “Provide context and take special care not to misrepresent or oversimplify in promoting, previewing or summarizing a story.” Moreover, not only does the news report lack context, it also lacks accuracy since there is a lacking in vital information such as who from the Comelec did they quote from and what was the meaning of “All votes for the representative of Southern Leyte shall be considered ‘stray.'”

    It appears as if there is no effort from the reporters to fully explain the situation when in fact, it is important to know because it concerns elections especially when there exist tactics that politicians use such as dividing districts to gain more power.

  7. Media Monitor 6
    BONUS TITLE: Hate Speech

    In a letter addressed to the youth, Pope Francis warned against the spread of fake news and speech that propagate hate and prejudice through the internet. He called for the responsible use of social media as he also promotes the development of authentic, interpersonal relationships outside of our digital environments. According to him, the unbridled use of internet has led to historical revisionism, worsening of violence, and consumerism, among others. I believe this feature by ABS CBN News is valuable to their journalistic function of combatting hate speech without curtailing freedom of expression. It is always a challenge to find balance in expressing honest and personal insights but as with all freedom, it is not absolute. Hate speech can fuel acts of violence and prejudice. We must exercise due diligence in what we share online.

  8. 6th Media Monitor: BONUS – Hate Speech

    Gabriela, Kadamay, ACT-Teachers etc. 23 PARTYLISTS, TERORISTA! — AFP

    This article from Bulgar which even became the tabloid’s headline for its March 28 issue is a clear case of irresponsible journalism. Bulgar acted as the AFP’s mouthpiece by simply echoing the military’s claims on the supposedly CPP-affiliated organizations. They made no effort to ask for the groups’ response to the accusation, nor did they verify if all the organizations are indeed running as partylist groups (LFS, Kadamay, Kilusang Mayo Uno, and several others on the list are not). Aside from spreading false information, the article failed to provide context on when and where the AFP had made such claims. This unethical and irresponsible journalism is a clear case of red-tagging and puts the lives of the members of the mentioned organizations in peril.

  9. MEDIA MONITOR 6 – Bonus Post
    News Coverage of the Elections

    “Mga kumakandidatong senador, patuloy na nanunuyo sa mga botante sa iba’t ibang probinsiya sa bansa”

    The news clip from the State of the Nation with Jessica Soho reports about the different places where the senatorial candidates have campaigned. According to the code of ethics of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas, there are no violations made. It was also good that almost all of the candidates for each political party as well as the independent candidates were featured so it was clear that the report is not biased to anyone. However, I think the news report will be more informative if some of the candidates for each political party were given a short chance to give their statements regarding their own strategies for campaigning. Overall, the news report was ethical as there are no violations made.

  10. For JamesG: Thank you for mentioning certain news articles. Please evaluate the news reporting and not the news subject. Please see instructions: the commentary should use principles of ethics or “ should use, cite, and quote the pertinent provisions of the 2014 SPJ Code of Ethics as taken up in class this week. For the succeeding weeks, members of the class should be able to cite also the Philippine Journalists Code of Ethics (PPI Code of Ethics and PPI Expanded Code of Ethics), the KBP Broadcast Code, etc.) Failure to provide the pertinent provision will result in a score of zero.” Please be guided accordingly. Tnx. -marichu
    xxx xxx xxx
    Duterte says priests should be shot – March 14, 2019

    It’s ironic how during the National Peace and Order Council meeting in Davao City last March 14, the president made snarky remarks against Catholic priests, even including an insinuating opinion against the Pope too. After receiving criticism from the ecclesiastics regarding his execution of war against drugs and the victims of extrajudicial killings, he voiced that it was them that should be gunned down even ill-using the then recent sexual harassment case of a priest. This was followed by an unthinking mention of the Pope and how he could also be hiding something errant.


    6th Media Monitor – Supernatural/Astrology

    Occult, pagan practices ruin faith in God, says exorcist – Nov. 2, 2012

    This is a very interesting article, in a way that it’s an insight towards frowning upon the occult. However, it supports a claim that superstition is a direct threat against a person’s relationship with God.

    What makes this news article questionable is it does not treat this insight as a simple claim in itself. It continues to back this insight with bible verses and paraphrasing.

    Journalists need to be more objective when reporting about religion and supernatural material and cannot insinuate that these superstitions have evidence whatsoever, and should simply treat these news materials as simple, trivial claims unto themselves without urging or persuading readers to believe anything.

    Read more: 
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  12. 6th Media Monitor: Bonus – Supernatural
    Title: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: Misteryosong ‘ghost ship’ ng Siquijor, totoo nga ba? (; Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: Ang katotohanan sa likod ng diumano’y ‘ghost ship’ sa Siquijor (

    Last January 13 and 2, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS) featured a mysterious ship that keeps on appearing at dusk in the waters of Siquijor. The report showed that the locals believe that such mysterious apparitions are connected with ghosts (white lady) and other supernatural beings (engkanto) in the island. KMJS conducted an investigation to clarify the incidences and shed light to this mystery.

    According to Article 13 of the KBP’s Code of Ethics, programs that feature supernatural occurrences must not mislead the public and must not promote black magic or other occult practices. KMJS provided an ethical reportage of the events. KMJS debunked the locals’ claims on the mysterious apparition. Not only did the KMJS team try to approach the ship, they also asked from other sources of information such as the Philippine Coast Guard. Initially, PCG claimed that there are no registered ships that travel in the area. However, upon further investigation, it was found out that it was just MV Filipinas which travels from Misamis to Cebu that passes the area. The report was resolved by exposing PCG’s lapse and debunking the mysteries surrounding the ship.

  13. For JamesG: Thank you for mentioning certain news articles. Please see instructions however: “the commentary should use, cite, and quote the pertinent provisions of the 2014 SPJ Code of Ethics as taken up in class this week. For the succeeding weeks, members of the class should be able to cite also the Philippine Journalists Code of Ethics (PPI Code of Ethics and PPI Expanded Code of Ethics), the KBP Broadcast Code, etc.) Failure to provide the pertinent provision will result in a score of zero.” Please be guided accordingly. Tnx. -marichu

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