Salad Days

   At 8am today, he  was prancing when his name was called, responded with alertness, followed me to the mass comm grounds, but won’t eat or drink anything anymore (maybe it was already too hot? He was full?). 

    At 10am, at the Quezon Hall parking lot, he appeared within five seconds of his name being called, when presented with his water bowl, he just sniffed it  then sauntered away. 

    He kept strolling away. 

    He made a turn and walked on the side of the spirited spurting water fountains, meandered to the side, onto the grass… Then, he was munching these : He nibbled about three blades of the wild grass

(i tried to stop him but he just moved to another shrubbery).


On the fourth strand, he trotted on,  going outside of the Quezon Hall grounds, then crossed the street.

       One step … and he was already outside his “quadrant” (“quadrant” being mass comm grounds  – music lobby canteen- admin parking lot). 

    On the grassy knoll beside the University Avenue, west-bound, where no humans walked,  he sprightly skipped along ten meters, behind a shrub, he dug a small hole … crunched up his body tense like an inverted parenthesis and … performed his  absolution in five seconds. He then buried his excretion.

     Then,  Cotton happily hopscotched back to his quadrant, went back to the parking lot, under one of the cars, lounged on his elbows, and slowly melted away there, 10:30am.

    (he is expected to come out and proceed to the college of music lobby canteen at 12 noon)

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