She tends to stare long and unmoving at you as if you’re an apparition

android-shot five hours ago : Chess, our University community dog… 

      Unlike most dogs who look at you pleadingly, Chess has a different stare : It  is  a stare … as if you’re an apparition ( if she were human, it would prompt you to say ” What is it,  why are you looking at me like that”). 

    She fixes her gaze at you as if you’re a giant flower opening up;

        you look away and talk about the weather for 30 seconds,

     and when you look at her again,

      she hasn’t moved a muscle, not even a stitch,

     and  still fixing her gaze on you as if  your face  is changing color from blue to yellow

     and she’s watching it because something’s going to happen and she doesn’t want to miss it.

     (i’ve never met a dog or a human who stared at me the way she does.

      Katkat says she looks at her as if she wants to ask an important question … 

     She looks at me  calmly and wide-eyed for a very long time everytime,  as if  i’m shape-shifting and she doesn’t want to miss it ).

         Other than that, she also has a tendency to stare long at a fixed spot in open space — but there’s nothing there. 

    That’s Chess, the mixed-breed multi-colored small- with- a -long- torso and a  cat-and-Lancashire-Heeler-look aspin — with the stare. (Cotton is easier to read)

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