Dog staring : means the dog wants something from you

   To provide a rational explanation (see previous post), i looked up “dog staring” and,  according to experts, it means the dog wants something from you.

     In the case of Chess, since it occurs even after she has been fed, i think she wants to be petted more (Cotton gets a lot more of this to make him stay put longer).

    Staring in open space, according to experts, is a compulsive behavior (a  habit) barring dementia and/ or other illnesses.

   ( i think, (just guessing) maybe… when she woke up one morning and found her entire litter of newborns all gone all at once, she could not understand it … and then when it happened the second time — nursing her babies and then the next moment they’re all gone all at once — maybe it had an effect on her perception of reality… or maybe it was some other traumatic experience … anyway…

      she has “tulala” (she -looks -stunned) episodes.)


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