For Nacho : Ignacio Enrique Domingo, Nacho Domingo, Ignacio Enrique “Nacho” Domingo

           He said this was one of his favorite songs.

      (if on laptop,  tap the play arrow; if on mobile device, pls click “Listen in browser” on the soundcloud pod below)


      This is the most recent photo of Ignacio Enrique “Nacho” Domingo taken and tweeted eleven days ago, last Sept. 19, 2019, by the UP CMC Student Council, during the commemorative activities of the declaration of martial law (a group photo cropped by blog admin). Nacho was the UP CMC college student council  vice chair.

      Here is what he submitted last semester as his description:

      From Nacho Domingo, posted nine months ago, or last Jan. 22, 2019:
“I am a third year BA Broadcast Communication student. My favorite book is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” and how it projects the lengths one would go to seek his dreams.
“My favorite film is Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back because of how it unites a slew of well-developed characters in an inter-woven narrative.
“My favorite media practitioner is the critical journalist Inday Espina Varona. This needs no explanation. I’m also a big fan of the actor Daniel Day-Lewis because of his profound mastery of Stanislavsky’s method.
“My favorite band is and always will be Queen because of the depth of their lyrics. My favorite songs of theirs are Bohemian Rhapsody and Love of my life.
“I love Burgers, but hate imperialist US. Finally, I love reading, writing, speaking, and playing sports. Above all, I love the country with all my heart.”

       – Nacho Domingo, 2019


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