Neutering & Vaccination of campus animals: Many thanks: Chancy Mike, VC Jose Ernie Lope, VC Jerwin, Greg del Pilar, FOCA UP, AKF, UP Vet Med, Ph Vet Med Assoc, Humane Soc Intl, UPD Soc Service Brig, Beta Sigma, Don Castillo, Butch Silva, all volunteers faculty, students, staff, & FOCA UP founder Khrysta Rara

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Neutering and Vaccination of campus animals: Many thanks: Chancellor Mike Tan, Vice Chancellor Jose Ernie Lope, Vice Chancellor Jerwin Agpaoa, Prof. Greg del Pilar III, FOCA U.P., Animal Kingdom Foundation, U.P. College of Veterinary Medicine, Philippine Veterinary Medical Association, Humane Society International, UPD Social Service Brigade, Beta Sigma fraternity, Don Castillo, Butch Silva, all volunteers faculty, students, staff, and Friends of Campus Animals U.P. (FOCA U.P.) founder Khrysta Rara (Neutering and Vaccination in June 2019 and on November 10 and 17, 2019)


   The internationally recognized most humane way of treating community animals is to vaccinate and neuter them (in order to neutralize them of bacteria, viruses, worms, and fleas, and to make them less aggressive and to contain and control their population.) In this manner, they can healthily co-exist with humans and can also render service as watchdog, as emotional support animals, and with formal training, as search and rescue dogs and as service dogs. (some become TV personalities and internet sensations.)

      (Or if you want to be paradigmatic about it: Our species is the steward of this planet and all living things in it …)
The University of the Philippines Diliman leads the way in the humane treatment of community animals. One hundred ninety -five U.P. Diliman campus cats and dogs were spayed and neutered last November 10, 2019  thru a project called “trap-neuter-vaccinate-return” (TNVR) by the UP administration in cooperation with the Animal Kingdom Foundation, Humane Society International, Philippine Veterinary Medical Association, FOCA U.P., members of the U.P. Diliman Social Service Brigade (Barangay U.P. campus village staff),  and the Beta Sigma fratetnity. The treated dogs will then be garbed with maroon collars to identify them. (for some reason, in the past,  the collars had to be re-supplied e.g., last year, Tisáy’s collars had to be replaced four or five times; Tisáy is a beautiful aspin who looks like a small golden retriever). The spayed/ neutered cats will have the tips of their ears surgically “tagged”.
This is a continuation of the TNVR last June, 2019, where 365 U.P. Diliman campus dogs and cats were spayed,  neutered, and vaccinated — a feat by all accounts in this country. 

Below are some of the photos of the TNVR held last Nov. 10, 2019. (all photos by FOCA UP).

     Humans who want the dogs and cats around them to be part of the TNVR this November 17, 2019 may contact in advance the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs (see poster below).

SLIDESHOW produced from photos by FOCA  U.P.

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