Many thanks: Yet Lara of UP-MMDA-Vanguard-K9 for helping Cotton yesterday …

   Cotton at the moment.

Cotton two days ago had droplets of  a dried up, sticky substance on the bridge of his nose,  i  used pet wipes and water but managed to remove only two of them.  Because I did not know how to give him a bath,  I went to U.P. Town Center to reserve him for bath and grooming but there was a long line of customers and their pets were put in small 1foot-by-1foot cages. So i went back,  and lo and behold, Cotton had been given a bath: Many thanks:  Yet Lara of the UP-MMDA -Vanguard -K9 and Yet’s friends.

   Cotton has tiny patches of irritated pink skin on his nose bridge from where the small congealed drops came off  (see photo taken this morning) 

the rough and tumble world of boys. 

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