Cotton’s wound is healing well after only 2 hours deep sleep: Sleep heals all wounds

Cotton’s wound is healing well after only 2 hours of deep sleep:

    Sleep heals all wounds.

  Here it is, shot at 4:15pm while he has been sleeping : 

Compare that with its condition two hours ago when i poured the wound cleanser as instructed and it was agitated and he scratched it: (photo below from two hours ago)  :

Humans can keep applying Betadine to their smallest abrasion because we can control ourselves from  scratching the wound.

    …will keep observing the wound every four hours making sure there’s no moisture or dirt on it,  will continue with the twice a day Quadriderm and oral penicillin but i will not scrape his wound with the wound cleanser every four hours unless there is moisture or dirt on it. My basis is experience with scrapes and wounds and observations of the patient Cotton

     … Cotton… and what is his family name…?

   Maybe he can carry the name of the place from where he is. 

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