As of 2pm today : Cotton keeps scratching his wound especially when the wound cleanser is poured on it, resulting in a fresh abrasion :

   He is able to scratch it by suddenly going on a sideways  upright sit pose and using his hind leg and hind paw to reach the side of his back. 

Photos “Before” and “After”: “Before” is Jan. 17 evening, “After” is today, at the moment,  Jan. 19,  at 2pm





        Should i keep doing the wound cleaning every four hours seeing that it triggers the scratching resulting in fresh abrasion wounds?  H E L P

   He wouldn’t let me swab the wound with the cleanser, he scratches it anew. i’ve poured the wound cleanser on it three times and decided to stop agitating the wound and let him sleep.  He is sleeping now. i figured it is better to let him sleep and sleep and be still for hours and hours because skin cells repair themselves faster when sleeping and when not being scratched. He is due for another wound cleanse and application of Quadriderm anti-fungal anti-bacterial ointment at 6pm. Let sleeping dogs… repair and recuperate.


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