Cotton’s Chart, Updates (Many thanks : UP Research staff  Katkat Ramos for helping out, SG Rey Villaruz for the security , UP Vet Med 

  Cotton took his second dose of  oral Co-amoxiclav penicillin / antibiotics thru his food at 6am today, 2nd dose (1/17th of the powder content… well,  1/16th part minus 0.25ml to make the 1/17th portion. Didn’t have any weighing or measuring instrument so i used a pie chart formation: Spread the powder on a plate, halve the pie formation, quarter it,  then 8 parts, then 16 portions. Manual talaga. i’m trying my best, not being a vet  or nurse or doctor or pet owner: This is a cry for help. Help.  i just write pleadings for a living…

   Manually: It’s easier to divide the pie chart formation into equal parts if it’s an even number… Subtract 0.25ml from each equal portion to approximate the 1/17 portion.). 

Cotton ate the 2nd dose today. He had a bath, his wound was cleaned with the solution given by the UP Vet Med ( wound should be cleaned every 4 hours), and Quadriderm ointment was applied liberally on it.  He ate voraciously.

  He’s very active and ran along on the meadow after the treatment, with three neighboring dogs “Redford White” from the other building, Chess,  and “NoName” brown lost dog,  into the Sunday morning sun. His wound is scheduled for cleaning right about now. 

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