12 thoughts on “Ethics 4th and 5th Regular Media Monitor 10pts (equivalent to Social Media 4-5) Deadline Thurs Feb27 at 8pm


    On February 18, 2020, a twitter user critiqued Isko Moreno’s statement about politics and education in which Moreno said “Keep politics out of schools!”
    The twitter user rebutted Moreno’s statement, asking why should politics be kept away from schools. The user asks if Moreno wants to keep politics away from schools because maybe he wants voters to remain oblivious to issues when it comes to the election, and that maybe he wants the people to keep quiet and never question the administration even in the midst of dictatorship. The twitter user also said the Moreno’s statement is wrong, saying that it should be “Keep POLITICIANS away from schools!”
    This tweet is an example of criticizing the work of people of public interest, in this case government official Isko Moreno, without resorting to hate speech, instead stating valid arguments and not relying on ad hominem.


  2. Ethics 4th and 5th Regular Media Monitor

    Hierarchies among the world’s different races and ethnicities continue to persist in today’s society. At the top of this hierarchy is the caucasian race. Historically oppressing people of color for several centuries, white people have remained the most powerful race in terms of economy, culture and politics. Today’s socioculturally aware youth is now outspoken about these persisting inequalities and injustices faced by people of color.

    Likewise, social media is not used as a tool for people to not only criticize, but also explain what certain political or cultural phrases mean. One prickly concept recently explained by a user on Twitter is white privilege. The tweet goes as follows, “White privilege doesn’t mean you’re racist. White privilege doesn’t mean your life hasn’t been easy. It means your life isn’t made harder by your skin color. That’s it.” The tweet, now at 394 likes, explains the concept in a calm, pragmatic and matter of fact way.


  3. 4th and 5th Media Monitor

    On February 24, 2020, a Twitter user criticized Duterte’s professionalism on his position on the ABS-CBN shutdown and the legitimacy of his claims against the media organization. They based their tweet on the ongoings of the ABS-CBN Franchise hearing, tweeting:

    “What the #ABSCBNFranchise hearing reveals: ABS-CBN did not violate any law. Its only sin, as drilled by the President’s chief wingman Senator Bong Go himself, is to anger the President. The jobs of 11,000 Filipinos hang on a single man’s fragile ego. #NoToABSCBNShutDown”.

    The user was able to criticize Duterte based on truth: the legality of ABS-CBN’s actions based on reports, the severity of the potential consequences of the franchise shutdown, and the statements of the officials from the hearing, without having to use hate speech based on irrelevant qualifiers such as skin color or language. And overall, their criticism is allowed because it targets the President of the Philippines, the highest-ranking person of public interest in the country.


  4. A netizen with 15,500+ Twitter followers posted a quote tweet on February 24, 2020 at 7:58pm. This tweet has been retweeted 378 times and liked 2,100+ times.

    The quoted tweet was posted by CNN Philippines. It contains an image of the House Committee on Legislative Franchises relaunching its exhibition of Kobe Bryant. It can be found at this link: https://twitter.com/cnnphilippines/status/1231723406489292801

    The caption on the netizen’s quote tweet is,


“The fact that the House is relaunching its Kobe Bryant exhibit despite threats to our nation really shows you House priority.

    Meanwhile, it took DECADES to decide on enacting a museum for Marcos martial law victims (to open in 2022).

    Advanced happy People Power Anniversary. 👊🤪”

The caption of the netizen is obvious criticism towards the House Committee on Legislative Franchises. The “fist bump” emoji at the end also hints that it possibly criticizes President Duterte, his administration, or his supporters. Though the last sentence is clearly sarcastic and it may be interpreted as “hateful”, the post is not hate speech. No individual or group with protected characteristics is being attacked.


  5. A Facebook group with 200k members posts texts posts, news links, and political memes critical of the current administration.

    An example of a post here that is reasonable and not hate speech is a criticism of Senator Bong Go. It was a description of what they thought fails in the way Bong Go acts as a senator.

    “Bong Go presents himself as the arbiter of solutions to problems. But instead he complicates the issue by his ignorance….) Aralin mo ang batas. Be a Senator. Tama na ang paporma mo!”

    This post may show some anger, but is not hate speech. This short analysis of Bong Go’s behavior asks for higher standards of performance for the senator. Its accusation of “paporma” may not be based on evidence, but it still seems acceptable if in the form of analysis (and not presenting as fact)z While it may be emotionally-charged speech it hate speech especially because it seems to attack his actions and his character — fair game for a citizen to say on a government figure.

    A political meme by Bong Go was featured that pasted

    While posts are not free of bias, I consider are some posts shared reasonable especially when people crit


  6. On the 17th of February (2:26 PM) a netizen on twitter remarked on a tweet irresponsibly posted by Mocha Uson on her twitter page, attacking 4 legal activits from the University of the Philippines that were detained. The twitter user retweeted this post by Mocha and commented that:

    “With all the money she’s getting, she can never put an ounce of research and civility in her propaganda no? These are legal activists illegally detained at 2AM while they were working in a progressive organization’s office.

    Yes ghorl NPA nasa office sa gitna ng lungsod? Bobo amp”

    The twitter user angrily expressed their disdain against Mocha Uson, the current Deputy Executive Director of Overseas Workers Welfare Administration or OWWA because of her lack of civility and tactfullness by posting such a biased attack on these students. This post, while clearly expressing anger and disdain towards Mocha’s character, is not in itself hate speech. As a public official, Mocha does not fall under the classification of individuals or groups with the protected characteristics that is being protected against hate speech.


  7. On February 24, 2020, a twitter account with more than 30,000 followers tweeted:

    “Pinapatamaan ni Mocha si Coco Martin dahil sa old movie na Serbis na nagkaroon ng maraming award. At sa iyo pa talaga nanggaling iyan ghorl @MochaUson

    Ang linis mo ih. Napaka busilak mo Teh. Nakakasilaw sa kaputian. 🙄🙄🙄”

    The tweet is not form of hate speech. Rather, it is a mockery and criticism towards Mocha Uson and her actions. It points out that it is ironic how Mocha Uson, who used to do government-funded videos with sexual and vulgar content, has the key to point out an actor for his performance on a film, a fictional narrative.

    The Facebook post of Mocha Uson however can be considered hate speech as it is directed towards Coco Martin that instigates allegations of him doing “serbis” for other people. It can cause harm on the reputation of Coco Martin as an actor.


  8. 4th and 5th Media Monitor Post

    A Filipino Twitter user with 76 followers tweeted the following last February 22, 2020:

    “Wisdom doesn’t come with age.

    Vico Sotto (30 years old): You don’t need to be loyal to me for as long as you are loyal to your service and to your city.

    Bato Dela Rosa (59 years old): I will sink and swim for the President. What’s wrong being loyal to the President.”

    This tweet got 14 retweets and 39 likes. The user criticizes Senator Bato for his lack of wisdom in comparison to Mayor Vico Sotto. This is in response to both public official’s statements about loyalty. Vico Sotto stated that he does not need the Pasiguenos to be loyal to him; just to their service and city. Senator Bato stated that he has a strong and unfailing loyalty to the president.

    This is not an example of hate speech. Instead, this is a criticism for Senator Bato and his loyalty to the President. It does not use hateful, rude, or vile language. It simply points out a fault in Senator Bato’s thinking and loyalty to the President.


  9. 4th and 5th Regular Media Monitor

    On February 24, 2020, a twitter user posted:

    “You know that this current administration is a joke when Duterte’s feelings are put above the law. Lawyers and law students alike should be offended. What’s the use of studying law and having studied law if the pathetic emotions of the president ang masusunod sa dulo”

    This tweet garnered 233 retweets and 960 likes, with subretweet of “#NoToABSCBNShutDown”.

    This tweet criticizes Duterte but it’s not a form of hate speech. The user expressed dissent on the current administration, but in no way added a personal insult to the person in the statement. The tweet expresses a hint of sarcasm, but I believe it’s a valid criticism that points out the president’s current stand on the ABSCBN shut down.


  10. 4th and 5th MEDIA MONITOR
    With the recent marriage of Sarah Geronimo, news regarding the misunderstanding and the bad blood between Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah’s mom have been going viral online. Netizens are siding with the couple saying that Sarah’s mom should not interfere with their marriage since Sarah is of age. A netizen posted, last February 24, on Facebook a sentiment saying:
    “Mommy stop. Mommy stop.” -Sarah
    “Don’t hurt my wife” -Matt
    This is heartbreaking. None of them deserve this mess. 💔 Sana maliwanagan na po kayo Mommy Divine. Si Sarah ang naiipit sa lahat. Happiness lang po ng anak niyo ang hangad nating lahat. 😭”.

    The post garnered 6.6K Facebook reacts, 521 comments and 1K shares.

    The Facebook post is not a form of hate speech. Despite the hate of people towards Mommy Divine’s interference in Sarah Geronimo’s love life, the post does not include any derogative statements towards Mommy Divine. The post only demands understanding on the side of Mommy Divine and as a mother seek only the happiness of her child.


  11. 4th and 5th Media Monitor

    On February 20, 2020, a tweeter account with more than 4,000 followers tweeted:

    “I really do hope, wish and pray that Alan Peter Cayetano goes to jail together with Duterte, Bong Go, Bato, Mocha, Calida and all other corrupt, highly abusive Duterte enablers once the President is out from Malacañan. Couldn’t be more excited to see their mugshots everywhere!”

    This tweet got 942 likes and 135 retweets. The previous tweets of this user are criticisms for the people he mentioned in this tweet. This is not a form of hate speech because the user just expressed the consequence that those public officials must face, as a result of their acts.


  12. 4th and 5th Regular Media Monitor

    Today, February 27, 2020, a Twitter user criticizes House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano on his claim that the ABS-CBN issue is just being used to call for his resignation (link to the news report of GMA News on the said claim: https://twitter.com/gmanews/status/1232620069617840128?s=19). The twitter user, then, solidifies that the ABS-CBN issue is just one of the many reasons why Cayetano should really resign, such as the issue on the cauldron, his warped priorities and highly questionable morals. The tweet ends with the call, “Cayetano, resign!”

    The cited Tweet does not contain any offensive statement against any minority groups, thus, it is not considered as a hate crime.


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