A Vibrant Viral Virus-free Victorious Happy Bday Alex! Math Wiz, Top Winningest Chess Varsity Player (& district basketball player, gym fitness buff, rapper-poet, hip-hop dancer, dota player) Alex Lambino Alexander Lambino

For Alex Lambino

Alexander Lambino :

Math Wiz

Top Varsity Chess Player of the University high school (K12), District basketball player,

gym fitness buff,

rapper-poet, hip-hop dancer,

dota player:

A  Vibrant, Viral and Virus-free, Virtual and Victorious

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (embedded below your birthday  poster is an impromptu hint of the record-breaking chart-topping song you grew up on…

       (recorded by android

in the fuchsia-pink room

of the apartment

on the 18th day of our quarantine:


NG  QUARANTINE (rough translation: a bizarre byproduct  of  18 days of  quarantine!)

    Aargh! Di ko na kaya,

ang susunod na dito

Morissette at Mariah :

       ….  and here’s

the Alex childhood song

…   do you remember this ?

      …Written collaboratively by a then 16-year-old

for his then debut album

      (i learned this song from you)

       … First video: An impromptu rendition by the songwriter-artist himself several months ago.

    Second video: the massacred snippet of the song rendered in the pink room 


   Have fun in our collective quarantine!!!


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