DIY Face Shield in 5 seconds. Many thanks to Katkat Ramos of the UP College of Mass Comm Foundation for the advice #Covid19PH #Covid19 #Covid-19

   Disclaimer: The video by blog admin is based on an open source design and is a mere recommendation without any guarantee on the part of the author/ blog admin. The author/ blog admin disclaims any liability in connection with the use of the information,  design, and ideas in the video below. 

       There are no more face shields for sale online and according to sources those made in China are not reliable;  while on the homefront here in U.P., it is not right to ask the producers handmaking face shields for the frontliners to give you one because you are depriving the frontliners. (30-second DIY video follows, scroll down) 

After one week of research and consulting our very helpful administrative staff at the U.P. College of Mass Communication, Ms. Katkat Ramos of the UPCMC Foundation (U.P. College of Mass Communication Foundation) advised me that the best way to make a face shield is to use a baseball cap or any hat and attach the acetate or plastic sheet – she is very intelligent and efficient and should get a promotion 😊

       Fortunately, a general cleaning last December at the house yielded several graded folders from students of five years ago who never retrieved their folders – these contain acetate covers: Many thanks to Class 2015!!!

       You can use any transparent cellophane: the plastic covers of books, 2.or transparent folders, 3.or transparent envelopes that you can spread out using scissors, 4.or even any big cellophane wrapper, 5. or any cellophane plastic bag —

      it works.

          In case you need to go out for an urgent task or you need to use an elevator or any confined space or you need to go to a place where there are many people, USE A FACE SHIELD : Here is the video dedicated to all the administrative staff of the University of the Philippines Diliman and to all students : DIY face shield in 5 seconds : How to make a face shield in 5 seconds (hope this is useful). Don’t forget : Attach the acetate or plastic sheet using a stapler, or safety pin, or tight clip, or thread and needle. Never touch the outer sheet of the face shield. Wash your hands with soap and running water for 20 seconds as often as possible and before eating.  Disinfect the face shield with alcohol or any effective disinfectant after use without touching the outer sheet. Stay alive and fight for a better day!


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