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    for the theme dedicated

to all my students

from whom i have learned

   how it is to teach

and what it is

     that matters:         


FOR ALL CLASS MEMBERS, marichulambino,

           April 22, 2020


       This is my last

     letter to you.

     In view of the life-threatening pandemic,

     the lockdown and suspension

of all transportation system

      and the prohibition of any gathering

      of more than ten

    and prohibition of any movement

       of persons on the streets,

     the suspension of all forms

      of academic work

      due to the lack of 

 means of communication

brought by

deeply rooted

social inequities,


internet infrastructure

at home for almost half

of the students

      and the faculty

     and having to choose

    the more urgent imperative 

 to survive 

    the limited access

       to food

      and essential supplies,

    the social uncertainty

      enveloping the nation,

     the sudden imposition

of a quarantine

   in all communities,

     which started in March
     with only two days’ notice

     to the people,

     showing the absence

      of prompt measures

to allow the country
to prepare for the peril

       to our existence – —

       depriving all of us

      of a regular semester –—

     and considering that there are students

      who were not given the chance

    to earn the points that they need

    because the lockdown

       was suddenly imposed

      chances and choices 

    of which they have been deprived

     through no fault of their own …

          and the impossibility

     of ever retrieving

      the time that was lost

        no matter

                the effort:

     The least harmful way

    of proceeding 

     is to allow class members

     safe passage 

through the course
    and be given a passing grade

       (“P”) on June 2, 2020

    and providing

    two unofficial, voluntary,           


online bridge sessions

          at a time that is safe

      for members of the class

        for the topics missed

    for the days

    and moments

   taken away

      from us …

            from the life

               that we knew. 

      i wish

         we have been able

              to spend

             more time

           with each other.

         You have one final test

   for the class


      it is

    the most important

    for now:
              Stay alive — —

        Help others

                    stay alive.

          i will

                      see you

          on the other side

        of this pandemic –


        with the people

        for the right

               to a humane life.

          Maraming salamat
       sa inyong pakikibahagi
      sa maikling panahon
    na tayo ay nagkapiling

        sa ating klase.



                          moments written, documented, shot and produced by the students from a handheld mobile phone in the third week of classes February 2020

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