Govt had prioritized shutting down the biggest news media org & passing Anti-Terror Law instead of teaching people how to shield themselves from the virus, now it will require the wearing of face shields without helping people how to acquire them

Posted at 2:30pm: Starting August 15, the government (thru the Department of Transportation) will require all commuters to wear face shields.

     No face shield, no boarding of any public transport.

     But instead of teaching people how to shield themselves from the virus by learning how to make the proper gear (stores sell face shields for P80-P100 pesos, if you know of 20-peso-faceshields, please point us in the direction of the store), the government expended all its energies shutting down the biggest news media organization .

     It had also prioritized passing “urgently” a non-urgent Anti-Terror Law (non-urgent in the context of the national emergency brought by the pandemic) targetting now the users of social media in its IRRs.


     It had its eyes on the 2022 elections, even now, as people are  dying in their hundreds because of the pandemic (tame and lame news media and social media equals victory for the corrupt and inutile in the 2022 elections).

       Photo shows my old DIY face shields handmade last May and June from a recycled headband and cellophane attached with a little scotch tape; the second one, from old eyeglasses and cellophane and a little scotch tape; both are water-resistant and stable. Cost: zero pesos, zero centavos. i had planned on making a video to show how i made them 

but i needed to urgently finish some  legal research  on how to parry the blows against the right to a free and independent press for a presentation (and for another presentation, that’s what i’m doing  now ) … because … this government had prioritized dividing the country instead of inspiring all who can help

     and instead of unifying the nation.

     Stay safe and healthy: Fight for your freedom and safety.

(file photos below from May and June and the face shield video from May)

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