UPDATED. Du30 threat vs FB also admission govt personnel (military and police), public funds, being used to create and operate fake FB sites for hate speech, red baiting, threats, fake news, etc.

Philippine President Duterte’s threat last night to shut down Facebook due to the removal by Facebook of more than 100 fake accounts traced to the military and the police for being fake accounts and for engaging in “coordinated inauthentic behavior” is also an admission that government personnel (the military and the police) and public funds are being used to create and operate fake Facebook accounts to engage in hate speech, red baiting/ red tagging, threats, and fake news. …

       So, under what items in the military and police budget are these expenditures hidden?

      Is anyone else seeing the government-accountability-side of this?

     Also, someone should explain to President Duterte what algorithm and ISP numbers are — and how apps, thru the algorithm and ISP numbers, can determine  that the FB user is not a “plain housewife”/ not an “OFW” not your girl-next-door…  but an operator managing several of fake FB accounts engaged in “coordinated inauthentic behavior” (The sites were removed not for their “advocacy” or content but for being fake accounts — for pretending to be a housewife, or an OFW, or your girl-next-door, when in fact the algorithm shows they are operated by one government personnel from one ISP number — and for  engaging in “coordinated inauthentic behavior”.  attend po my class 🙂   for an explanation of “coordinated inauthentic behavior”. Teynk yu. ).

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