Here it is! A storification of two interviews on the question: Should you interrupt (or “cut away”) the President when he is making false claims in a live news briefing? Interesting discussion featured by ABS-CBN News Channel

Here it is as storified by Willard Cheng (storified with an interview with Vergel Santos), in a two-minute news feature for “The World Tonight” a few minutes ago on the ABS-CBN News Channel
Where the President is dishing out false claims as fact, should the news media interrupt the President’s live news briefing by cutting away then fact-checking?

In this afternoon’s ten-minute interview, my answer was (paraphrasing it) Yes. We should consider the example  of the world’s leading news organizations when President Trump’s false claims in a live news briefing was cut away and interrupted with fact-check. But if you’re too shy to do this, you can strengthen the fact-checking by having an election watchdog resource person on-standby to deliver the factcheck in order not to overburden the news anchor in having to justify why they have to correct the President etc.
That’s one. Other production techniques I suggested are (if you’re too shy to cut away the President’s live news briefing) : You can run char-gens or computer-generated crawlers or text at the bottom of the screen (crawlers) while the President is talking, presenting facts or stating the need for factchecking, simultaneously with the President’s live news briefing (this requires a really good news executive producer). Another production technique is to run an inset box with graphics simultaneously with the President’s live news briefing. And the last one of course is — if it’s about the elections — always have an independent election watchdog resource person on standby so you can cut away to the resource person for fact-checking — making sure your resource person is qualified, concise, competent, and will present nothing but numbers, statistics, data and facts.
The last one, have an election watchdog resource person on-stand-by was the one used in the news feature (30-second soundbyte).
Interesting questions from the ABS-CBN News Channel. Thank you for provoking this discussion! (see embedded video, will pixelate in a few seconds, credits: as stated in the video and freeze-frame)


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