(featured image from the archives: Chess after taking a bath). You’ll be given a choice where to have your vaccine, left arm or right arm; most will recommend that you get your shot in the non-dominant arm in order not to interfere with whatever chores you’ll be attending to that day, like driving etc., but i also found from research that the more active arm will make the medicine circulate faster so the soreness will subside faster. Previous to last week, my last vaccine was in early 2019 as a requirement for all humans who were going to participate in a dog training of 12 already-vaccinated dogs as double-precaution or triple-precaution  (there were no untoward incidents, most of the participating dogs were already certified as friendly and not aggressive, they just get noisy when greeting each other). I got that 2019 vaccine shot in the dominant arm which was recommended by the vaccinator then.

     The video below by a pet-owner from Korea dated three months ago shows a dog who was administered a “corona-multimicrobial vaccine”; I have not been able to independently verify the video (health and medicine videos have to be independently verified). But before posting, I made a quicksearch and read that the coronavirus vaccine for dogs is still in the experimental stage.  In this video, as it turned out, the dog was allergic to the vaccine…

       By the way, here’s that conversation with the vaccinator in 2019:

(after  filling up a form and a  15-minute screening by a doctor who asked what it was for.)

Me (while waiting for the vaccinator to fill the injection) : So… uhmmm… you’re a nurse, right…?

Vax: Yes

Me: So … this contains a few rabies viruses?

Vax: (laughs softly). No. just the filament of a virus.

Me: But they’re from a dog, right?

Vax: (laughs). No. They’re from a lab.

      In any case,

… i just walk around thinking i have dog virus parts coursing through my veins.

     Here’s that video of the dog who got vaccinated. ( by the way, for humans, the FDA-approved Covid19 vaccines are safe, they’re tried and tested, i.e., they have undergone clinical trials involving more than a thousand subjects, twice over, each, and the results are published and independently verified)

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