Incisive questions from TV5 One Ph Cignet Frontline Pilipinas anchor Cheryl Cosim on the assignment of frequencies and who may question the validity: with TV5 Producers: Atty. Guianne, Shyla Francisco

Backgrounder: A day before (Jan26) the prognosis that the resource person gave was: Depending on the legal and business departments’ decision on arrangements, the new holder might use the frequencies either to maximize profits (sell airtime) or for election campaigning. Or both.

In this interview (Jan27), video below: Gist: the parties in interest who may question the validity of the assignment or grant are: 1.Those who were not notified that the analog free TV Channel 2 was up for grabs and are qualified to be awarded the grant (they have a franchise, a Certificate of Convenience and Public Necessity, and a pending application for frequencies); 2.Or any interested party who is aggrieved by the grant. The time frame: now, with a follow-up under a new administration /Chief Executive who can see the doubtful legal validity of the grant. The resource person gave the advice that the new holder should use their prerogative bearing in mind, corporate responsibility. People’s access to information and updates that most affect their lives should be the primary interest.

By the way, i checked again: Jan. 6 was a Thursday, not a Friday, the date the analog free TV channel 2 was assigned to Advanced Media Broadcast System (formerly of the Vera family, purchased by the Villar family during the pandemic).

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