Feb. 8, 2022. Shot today after the Teleradyo interview at 2:15pm-2:40ish pm — this selfie is evidence that it would have been a Zoom interview but one minute before the interview the Huawei-Globe 5G crashed! huhuhu – system rebooted (both the modem and laptop), still no connection, rebooted again, no connection. So a phonepatch was resorted to. To be fair, 3 out of 5 of the resource persons that afternoon had a blacked-out internet connection so it must really be an infra problem that day.

   More advice:  Because it’s election season, if you’re a resource person, stick to your topic and do not endorse any candidate or political party. Review the facts and law again and again. Always be factual. In today’s discussion on the topic of social media, I focused on the law and ethics aspect of it. The most recent, pertinent case study on suspension of twitter sites was only one: linked to a candidate and I was forced to give the name so the audience can understand the reference , but made sure to be fair by giving the side of the person involved, that is, that his camp denied the link.

     Colors to wear: After preparing the  substance, and making sure not to endorse anyone, make sure to wear a neutral color or a color not taken by any presidential candidate, e.g., any of dark colors like black, navy blue, brown, dark grey, maroon, etc., any light neutral color like white, cream, all shades of grey, beige, etc., any of most pastel colors are not taken so you can use: very light pastel blue (blue is taken by a candidate but a very light blue would do), periwinkle, lilac, lavender, peach, very light pastel green (not vegetable green which has been taken by a candidate); prints like floral, stripes, checkers, plead, gingham, batik, paisley (I don’t wear paisley though); orange is not taken by a presidential candidate so I think you can use any shade of it; you can wear any neon color like neon orange or neon green if you want to look like a traffic cone or reflectorized street sign.

(YouTube clip, audio only, of the interview 5 hours ago, embedded below)

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