Stop using the Robredo daughters’ ad, use the “Lider Leni, Angat-Buhay sa Family” unaired ad or a similar, equally dynamic ad

Stop using this ad (see video below) it will not pull in support from the sectors that you need to attract (won’t detail the reasons here in order not to hurt feelings)


Use this ad (embedded video below, i clipped it to a manageable TV-airtime-length ad, you can edit it further), “Lider Leni, Angat-Buhay sa Family” or a similar, equally dynamic ad

…and really, are you still relying on one of Carl Jung’s archetypes to project VP Leni – hanggang ngayon? Akala ko na-resolve na yan? What does your data say? Is it working? (sorry powz i don’t want to be harsh. Suriin na lang if it’s working by using the big data available to you, not those FGDs-psychoanalytic theory churva). And why is no one fighting disinformation through the ads? Hwag matakot. Ngayon na. Kakaunti na lang ang mga araw. (TO BE CONTINUED)

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