A study of 126,000 rumor threads showed that false stories are re-tweeted 200 times compared to true info which is shared only 10 times (Details here)

A study published by MIT, science.org , researchgate, etc as featurized by Yale student Lorenzo Flores : “Vosoughi, Roy, and Aral (2018) studied over 126,000 rumor threads on Twitter (consisting of an original tweet and its retweets), to see how true and false news spreads differently. Information shared in the original tweets were then classified as true, false, or mixed. [8]

“They saw that false news spread quicker, faster, and to a wider audience than true news. While the top 5% of false stories had well over 200 tweets about them, the top 5% of true stories had around 10. False news was 70% more likely to be retweeted than true news, and it took a sixth of the time it did true news to reach 1500 people. It also took 10 times longer for true nes to be retweeted 10 times, than it did for falsehoods to be retweeted 19 times. [8]”

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